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Activities of Daily Living Articles

There are 8 instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) that are used to determine a senior’s ability to be self-sufficient and what services are needed to support living independently.

The 6 activities of daily living (ADLs) are used as important measures for determining the level of care a senior requires and their eligibility for services and financial assistance.

Family members are often responsible for providing seniors with supportive care, but the ability to recognize when it is time to hire outside help is beneficial for everyone involved.

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress slowly and unpredictably, which makes it hard for families and even doctors to determine when to bring in hospice. These guidelines can help you decide if a loved one is a candidate for end-of-life care.

Helping a loved one get dressed and manage personal hygiene can be two very difficult aspects of a Parkinson's caregiver's duties. These practical tips can help simplify and speed up your loved one's daily care routine.

Family caregivers require adequate structure and support in order to meet all of their loved ones’ needs and make time for their own self-care. Find out how to employ the same tool professionals use to succeed at caregiving.

Activities of Daily Living are used as an important measure to determine the level of care an individual requires. A thorough evaluation of a senior’s ability to independently perform ADLs will help determine what’s next.

In addition to helping your loved one with specific tasks of daily living, in-home care provides invaluable mental and physical benefits for caregivers and seniors alike.

Once a care plan has been established, it should be reviewed and updated periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness for both the senior and their caregiver.

When you first realize you may have to take care of your aging parent(s), the task can seem overwhelming. Here's an easy-to-follow action plan for adult children to follow.

AgingCare shares how a worldwide Dance for Life program has spread across the US and taken root in communities since it began in 2001. Designed to make Parkinson’s Disease support groups more enjoyable and engaging, the program now includes extensive teacher training seminars as well as educational and professional enrichment workshops. Movements from the dance world are utilized in the sessions to promote fluidity and mobility that is needed in daily living.

Before an elder moves in to any type of senior living community, the facility should conduct a thorough, first-hand assessment of the elderly person's physical and cognitive health.

How-to help an Alzheimer's patient dress. Alzheimer's can turn even the simplest of tasks into great trials. In the middle and later stages of the disease, many people have difficulty dressing themselves.

Elder self-neglect is one of the more common forms of elder abuse but few people understand that serious dangers that it poses to the health of their elderly loved ones.

Your aging parents think they can still take care of themselves, but if you’re noticing any of these red flags, it is time to consider in-home care.

Most seniors wish to age in place in their own homes, but sometimes the best option for keeping an aging loved one safe, healthy and active is to consider a move to an assisted living community.

When will you know when your aging parents need help? Family members should look for certain warning signs to determine if their elderly parent needs help.

If your elderly father forgets pick up the mail, a daily money manager might be able to help.

Most seniors wish to continue living in their own homes, but this can be unrealistic and unsafe as their abilities wane. See how individual services like meal delivery and more comprehensive in-home care can enable a loved one to age in place safely.

Family members could become paid caregivers through the Cash and Counseling or Consumer Direction Care Medicaid Programs. Learn about eligibility requirements, how to apply and benefits you could receive.