Claiming Elderly Dependent

  • Answers to Tax Questions Caregivers Ask Most

    Answers to tax questions caregivers ask most: Can I claim my parent as a dependent? Can I claim medical expenses? Do I pay taxes on money my parents give to offset expenses?

  • Can I Claim My Elderly Loved One as a Dependent on My Taxes?

    Family caregivers contribute both their time and money to help support those they love. To claim an aging relative as your dependent, there are basic criteria that you, the taxpayer, must meet and criteria that your potential dependent must meet.

  • Start Here Every Year: Essential Tax Steps for Caregivers

    As a caregiver, you may need to help your loved one organize their financial documents and prepare and file their taxes. Avoid unnecessary stress by getting this paperwork in order before tax time hits.

  • What Medical Expenses Can Be Written off on Taxes?

    In addition to hands-on care, family caregivers often contribute financially to their loved ones’ well-being. If you can claim your care recipient as a dependent, you may be able to write off some of their health care costs and reduce your tax bill, too.

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