Asset Protection Articles -

Asset Protection Articles

There are many types of trusts that can help protect your assets from Medicaid. Here's a brief overview of the things you need to know when setting up a trust for Medicaid planning purposes.

Many aging adults must apply for Medicaid in order to afford long-term care. Here are some strategies for preserving some of your wealth while qualifying for financial assistance.

Jointly held bank accounts, property and other assets can affect Medicaid eligibility in a variety of ways.

Can Medicaid or a nursing home take your house to pay the nursing home costs? Learn the rules and requirements regarding whether or not Medicaid can take a house to pay the nursing home.

If there is no tax consequence from selling your mom's home, then she can use all of the money for retirement.

Hiding assets by not reporting them to Medicaid is illegal and considered fraud against the state, with both civil and criminal penalties.

Caregivers often want to know how to protect family assets, but ensure their elderly parents still qualify for public assistance benefts such as Medicaid.

More packages arrive at mom's doorstep, but she insists it's her money. Here are some tips to handle an elderly parent who spends too much money or is a shopaholic.