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Spouse Articles

Many spouses incorrectly assume that there is no longer any VA assistance available to them after their veteran spouse passes away. Fortunately, a benefit called the survivors pension provides additional income to surviving spouses and their children.

Medicaid is a complicated program with state-specific rules that can help pay for long-term care services for seniors with low income and limited resources. Explore New York State's rules for income, assets and coverage.

Celine Dion's husband, René Angélil, has been battling throat cancer for 15 years. Dion shares her personal experiences of caring for and supporting him and discusses how she stays strong in spite of such dire circumstances.

Veterans and their family members can use these pointers to minimize confusion and possibly expedite the process of applying for VA Benefits.

Hallucinations and delusions are troubling symptoms that can develop in the mid to late stages of PD. A spousal caregiver shares her experiences with her husband’s psychotic episodes in order to raise awareness of this little-known facet of the disease.

Taking care of a husband with cancer while raising three kids younger than ten was a future I never expected when we first said "I do."

When an at-home spouse dies before a nursing home spouse, how does that affect Medicaid? Learn how to maintain Medicaid eligibility after the death of a spouse.

Couples need to consider certain things when making plans for future care. Here are the four steps to successful long-term care planning with a spouse.

Taxes are an important element to consider when engaging in estate planning. Discover the answers to 5 key estate tax questions.

I determined I could be my wife's caregiver, while running a small business and parenting four school-age children—and, I could do this all without asking for help.

Becoming a caregiver for the one you love will change your life. Despite your best and greatest efforts, things will never be the same.

Family Caregiver Blog: Charlie and I just visited a local assisted living facility to see whether it might be a viable housing option for us in the future. We were shocked.

When a spouse becomes a family caregiver for an aging or ill loved one, it can affect the marital relationship. As you brave this adjustment together, use these tips to show your husband or wife what you’re made of and how much your marriage means to you.

The touching way one man mourned his wife, and how he ended up inspiring thousands of strangers.

One of the biggest challenges of taking care of a spouse with dementia is the ever-changing nature of your relationship. How do you cope when your partner’s personality has changed, or they don’t remember you or your life together?

Losing a spouse often causes negative changes in personality: grumpiness, sorrow, depression and a complete lack of gratitude.

Caregivers can be hit especially hard by mid-life regret because of the life-altering decisions they have to make, both for themselves and their loved ones.

Transitioning from a partner to a caregiver brings forth a host of emotions. A wife shares her struggle with deciding to be her husband’s primary caregiver and making the best of every day with him.

The death of one parent often becomes a time for planning for the care of the surviving parent. Caregiving can often start when one parent dies and the remaining parent needs helps adjusting and grieving.

Coping with a spouse or partner's death is a difficult life challenge. Learn how to help people cope and mourn the death of a spouse in a healthy way.