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Siblings Articles

Issues between siblings often seem to come to a head when a parent begins requiring care. Use these pointers to improve your communication, minimize dysfunction and recognize when it’s time to set boundaries.

A personal story from a family caregiver explores how she let go of the anger, resentment, and jealousy toward siblings that was damaging her family relationships as well as hindering her ability to care for her aging parents.

Amy Grant, the best-selling Christian music performer in history, shares how she and her family find solace while witnessing the decline of two parents with dementia.

New research shows that unhelpful stepfamily members can increase caregiver stress astronomically. Here are some tips for keeping the peace during difficult discussions.

Patty Andrews, the last member of the singing group, the Andrews Sisters, has died. Her unresolved conflict with her sisters offers a lesson in why you should always forgive your siblings.

Power of attorney forms are a crucial part of planning for future health care needs and financial decisions, but it is important to understand how these legal documents can be drafted and the effects they can have on family relationships.

The reality is that when it comes to assisted living, most families pay their own way. This, of course, can cause issues within the extended family context, especially if some siblings are wealthier than others.

It can be disheartening when you reach out to siblings for help and support, but they only offer up excuses. Take an objective look at their reasons for staying at arm’s length and learn how you can get everyone on the same page.

Caregivers often don't ask family members for the help they need, for fear of conflict. Here's how to get them to help you with your elderly mother and father and maintain the peace.

Why are some siblings in denial about a parent's decline? They might not want to face the fact their parent is getting old and going to die. They might not want to get involved in caregiving. They may have other problems in life that are taking precedent.

It is important that you and your siblings get on the same page about moving your mother to assisted living.

Caregivers know the elder they are caring for is used to the way they do things and will be upset by change, yet they desperately need a break from their duties.

If your family is unable to resolve caregiving disputes by talking them over in the family, it may be time to consider an outside source of help: elder mediation.

While MIA siblings are the overwhelming norm, some families have very different experiences. This article offers a glimpse into another perspective on caregiving: that oft maligned long-distance siblings may actually be excluded by primary caregivers.

When sibling disputes get in the way of elderly parent's care, outside help might be needed. Elder care mediation, counseling and geriatric care managers are options for families.

What to do if your siblings care more about getting an inheritance than giving your elderly mom or dad the quality care they need and deserve?

Sometimes family members come to holiday get-togethers bearing more than just gifts. Learn how to keep the peace and avoid family drama this year.

Caregiving duties often fall to just one adult child. Use these communication techniques to convey the gravity of this responsibility and convince your siblings to lend a hand.

Getting respite can be extremely difficult for a family caregiver, but it is crucial to prevent caregiver burnout.

My only sibling, my older brother, only lived a half-hour away from Mom & Dad and I lived over 400 miles, yet I was the one who gave up my life for a year to go take care for them… but… I’m not bitter about it!