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Talking to your aging parents about fraud and their risk of falling prey to a scammer (especially online) is never an easy discussion. Here are some strategies to help you find common ground.

An in-law suite can provide safety and support for older family members while preserving everyone's privacy. A multigenerational household may seem convenient, but there are many factors to consider before moving to a larger home or building an addition.

My father’s stay at the hospice house was brief, but in that short time, I made an extraordinary realization that brought Dad and me closeness and comfort in his final days.

At 31 years old, Miriam Reeves just might be the youngest person ever to get married in a nursing home. She and her fiancé planned on tying the knot in their local church, until Alzheimer’s intervened.

Eleven years have passed since my parents first moved in with me. What I didn’t anticipate was that opening up my home to my parents would, in a sense, shut the door to my own refuge.

Putting an elder on a budget can be tricky, especially if they rely on a fixed income. Learn how to evaluate their assets and expenses and develop a monthly budget.

On Father’s Day, consider these thoughtful ideas for honoring the memory of the man who played such an important role in your life.

Moms might be more likely to discuss money matters with their adult children, according to a new study from Fidelity Investments. Find out why.

On Mother’s Day, consider these thoughtful ideas for honoring the memory of the woman who played such an important role in your life.

Temper tantrums aren't reserved for toddlers. Unfortunately they can occur at any time in life, even among the elderly. Learn what's behind them and what you can do about it.

Purging personal belongings is not always a simple task, so do your best to understand how emotionally challenging this process can be. Keep these strategies in mind to make downsizing a more positive experience.

Caregivers may mistake dementia behavior for manipulation. But people with dementia aren't able to think through the process of manipulation.

Adult children and their parents are often uncomfortable discussing elder care and financial issues. But proper planning requires those nearing retirement to have honest an dialogue with their offspring.

For many of us, providing care for our elderly family members means not only caring for our own aging parents, but caring for our in-laws, as well. The question is how much care do you personally provide?

Adult children who care for their aging parents take an illuminating (and, at times, unpleasant) look into their own future. Caregivers often vow to make changes to prevent passing the burden of their future care onto their offspring.

The conversation about moving to a retirement community or an assisted living facility doesn’t have to be difficult or emotionally charged. Use these tips to encourage a healthy discussion before a crisis arises.

After months of discussing, arguing and pleading, your family has finally convinced mom to take a tour of an assisted living community nearby. But what do you do when she refuses to get out of the car?

As our parents age and need more assistance, most adult children do what they can to help. But, should you quit your job to become a full-time caregiver and stay home to care for your parents?

5 ways to help your parents without taking over or making them feel less independent. As your parents age they will need help with life's tasks - from balancing a checkbook to dealing with insurance claims.

Whether your aging loved one is in denial about their health or intentionally withholding information during doctor’s appointments, it’s vital to find ways to help the physician see the truth about their situation.
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