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Marriage Articles

Many spouses incorrectly assume that there is no longer any VA assistance available to them after their veteran spouse passes away. Fortunately, a benefit called the survivors pension provides additional income to surviving spouses and their children.

Medicaid is a complicated program with state-specific rules that can help pay for long-term care services for seniors with low income and limited resources. Explore New York State's rules for income, assets and coverage.

Medicaid forces the couple to divest themselves of a lifelong accumulation of assets that they had planned to use for their final years or even pass on to their children or grandchildren.

There are countless facets involved in determining if a person if eligible for Medicaid, but relationship status does have an impact. If you think you or your loved one may eventually need Medicaid, be sure to take your marital status into consideration.

Many individuals struggle to accept the label of “caregiver,” but fully embracing this role increases our chances of succeeding in it.

Stories about long-married couples who die close together often make the news because they remind us that, ideally, marriage is for eternity.

When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we thought our life, as we knew it, was over. But we've encountered some unexpected blessings along the way.

You hear couples tell one another this all the time. We will grow old together and will always be there for each other. But what happens when one partner gets dementia?

When a wife comes down with a serious illness (such as cancer or heart disease) even longtime couples are more likely to divorce, a new study reveals.

Still searching for that special someone? This heartwarming video of dating advice from older adults just might help you make the love connection you've been longing for.

Taking care of a husband with cancer while raising three kids younger than ten was a future I never expected when we first said "I do."

This path of inheritance is the normal distribution under many states' "intestacy statute" (the law setting forth the distribution of the property of a decedent with no will).

My wife and I have been together almost forty-five years, and so often I forget the beauty between us. Every once in a while, though, it will suddenly break through, in spite of Alzheimer's.

When my wife was diagnosed with Stage III cancer I knew our lives would never be the same. I'd been a caregiver once before, but this time would be much different.

Charlie and I just visited a local assisted living facility to see whether it might be a viable housing option for us in the future. We were shocked.

I've been reflecting on how Alzheimer's might affect my future--especially my relationship with my wife and loved ones.

Medicaid spend down rules for married couples are different, depending on where each spouse is living. Couples where one spouse still lives at home can often keep more money.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with cognitive impairment—most likely Alzheimer’s. I will share my experiences in an ongoing blog series on, offering caregivers a unique perspective on what it's like to live "inside a fading mind."

I have mixed feelings every time I hear Charlie's cane hit the floor in the morning.

One of the biggest challenges of taking care of a spouse with dementia is the ever-changing nature of your relationship. How do you cope when your partner’s personality has changed, or they don’t remember you or your life together?