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An in-law suite can provide safety and support for older family members while preserving everyone's privacy. A multigenerational household may seem convenient, but there are many factors to consider before moving to a larger home or building an addition.

My father’s stay at the hospice house was brief, but in that short time, I made an extraordinary realization that brought Dad and me closeness and comfort in his final days.

I was intent on making the most of every second Dad and I had together by going on trips and outings, and reminiscing about the past. But he had other plans in mind.

Eleven years have passed since my parents first moved in with me. What I didn’t anticipate was that opening up my home to my parents would, in a sense, shut the door to my own refuge.

Moms might be more likely to discuss money matters with their adult children, according to a new study from Fidelity Investments. Find out why.

For many of us, providing care for our elderly family members means not only caring for our own aging parents, but caring for our in-laws, as well. The question is how much care do you personally provide?

Take the time to listen to Dad’s stories to show him how much he means to you this Father's Day. Your interest and attention will convey respect and leave you with the gift of precious memories.

Father's Day is a great time to remember who your Dad used to be before age-related changes set in. Sometimes you forget how vibrant and caring he was, but the truth is he’s still that person on the inside and he always will be.

Care decisions for elderly parents are difficult. Remind yourself that choosing a nursing home means that you took the steps necessary to ensure that dad will be safe and able to get the care and attention he needs for Alzheimer's Disease.

Many of us feel alone when we are trying to care for our aging parents. When we have one parent who has dementia, it is hard. When both are diagnosed, it is often nearly unbearable.

Elderly parents who can no longer drive safely are often in denial about their ability to handle a car. Giving up driving often means giving up independence. However, continuing driving can have grave consequences.

Alzheimer’s is indeed a devastating diagnosis for anyone. Spend as much time as you can enjoying the things your family likes to do while taking steps to plan for the future.

At 31 years old, Miriam Reeves just might be the youngest person ever to get married in a nursing home. She and her fiancé planned on tying the knot in their local church, until Alzheimer’s intervened.