Fear of Death Articles

  • Answers to Common Questions About End-of-Life Care

    When a loved one is nearing the end of their life, caregivers and family members often have many questions. This guide to end-of-life care addresses the most common concerns regarding the dying process.

  • Is Mom Afraid to Die?

    I often wonder why Mom is fighting so hard for so long. It recently dawned on me that she may literally have the "fear of God."

  • Talking About Death and Dying Is Good for Us

    People once avoided certain topics, like talking about death and dying, but that's slowly changing. Here is why those discussions are so important to individual patients, their families and friends.

  • 8 Lessons on Aging and Death From the Man Who Explained ‘How We Die’

    Sherwin Nuland, author of "How We Die: Reflection's on Life's Final Chapter," recently passed away from prostate cancer. His award-winning book offers insights on controversial end-of-life issues.

  • Grab a Drink, Take a Seat and Let’s Talk About Death

    The Death Cafe movement is gaining momentum in the United States, and around the world. Discover what makes people want to get together and talk to one another about death.

  • Treating Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Needs at the End of Life

    End-of-life care includes helping the dying person manage mental, emotional distress and find spiritual comfort. An elder who is nearing the end of life feel depressed or anxious and might also have some specific fears and concerns.

  • Find Care & Housing
  • How to Console a Senior Who Is Afraid of Dying

    When death is near, patients and family members are often overwhelmed by fear of the unknown. Learn how caregivers can help alleviate common anxieties and support their loved ones at the end of life.