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  • Swallowing Disorders: Tips for Using Food and Beverage Thickeners

    When a senior is having trouble swallowing, known as dysphagia, doctors recommend thickening meals and drinks to avoid choking and aspiration. Use these tips to address dehydration and malnutrition issues in people who have a swallowing disorder.

  • 5 Fabulous Sandwich Recipes to Honor the Sandwich Generation

    Try these delicious recipes to celebrate the men and women who pull double-duty, attending to the needs of aging parents while raising their own children and oftentimes juggling a career.

  • What to Serve Seniors at a Cookout

    Culinary and elder care experts share their suggestions for lean, easy-to-eat dishes that are perfect for serving up at a summer barbecue.

  • How to Make Healthy Meals When You Have No Time to Cook

    Cooking well-balanced meals is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re juggling work, family and caregiving, but the truth is that good nutrition is closely tied to good health. Use these tips and shortcuts to improve your dietary habits.

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