Working Caregiver Articles

  • Supportive Services Can Help Caregivers Find a Middle Ground

    Caring for a loved one doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" situation. Discover the services and options available to alleviate some of your daily caregiving responsibilities.

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  • How to Keep Your Career Skills Sharp While Caregiving

    Here are six strategies for how to keep you career skills sharp while caregiving, as told by a caregiver-turned-entrepreneur.

  • Where to Find Respite: Resources for Caregivers

    Self-care is equally as important as the care you provide for your loved one. If you’re struggling to balance these two priorities, it is time to modify your care plan and explore your options for respite.

  • Adult Day Care Can Fill a Gap for Seniors and Their Caregivers

    The benefits of adult day care services are twofold. Your aging parent can enjoy social opportunities, activities and added safety, while you are free to work, run errands, attend appointments or savor some respite time.

  • Time Management Techniques for Minimizing Caregiver Stress

    A veteran caregiver with more than a decade of experience offers tips for time management and shares his robust system for organizing daily tasks and reducing caregiver stress.

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  • Being Busy

    Caregivers are busy people by definition, whether they are working, married, and/or raising children. Sometimes we get in the mindset of trying to do it all, but we also get frustrated with ourselves and lose sight of simple solutions to being spread so thin.

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  • Find Care & Housing
  • Tips for Family Caregivers Who Are Considering Leaving Their Job

    More than half of all caregivers are balancing care responsibilities and a job. Many are juggling caring for their own children as well. At some point, the question arises: should you quit your job?

  • Paid Family Leave Benefits Both Employees and Employers

    If I'd had paid family leave during my caregiving years, my life and the lives of my loved ones would have been quite different.

  • What Happened When I Told My Boss about Caregiving

    It's not always easy for working caregivers to discuss their situation with an employer. Here's what happened when I told my boss about my new caregiving role.

  • Balancing Work, Life and Caregiving: You Can’t Go it Alone

    When my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my family and I realized that we all had to lean on each other and seek outside help for emotional support and respite care.

  • It Takes a Village

    Remember the saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? That is how I feel about living with a victim of Alzheimer's and dementia.

  • 5 Work-from-Home Jobs for Caregivers

    It’s challenging for caregivers to find jobs that offer flexible scheduling. A work-from-home position enables you to care for your loved one while bringing home a paycheck.

  • 10 Tips for Saving Time and Money

    Everyone could use a bit more time in their day, and money in their pocket. Here are 10 simple strategies for making your life less expensive and more streamlined.

  • Trial By Fire: Caregiving Forges A New Breed of Entrepreneur

    The same skills that make someone an effective caregiver are also present in many great entrepreneurs. So, it's not surprising that some caregivers find themselves drawn to the role of small business owner.

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  • Should You Quit Your Job to Care for Your Elderly Parent?

    As our parents age and need more assistance, most adult children do what they can to help. But, should you quit your job to become a full-time caregiver and stay home to care for your parents?

  • Discussing Caregiving with Your Boss

    Being a full-time employee and a caregiver can be difficult, but letting your boss or employer know that you are a caregiver can put less stress on both of you. The amount of stress employees face - on the job and as caregivers - is another reason to let your boss know what's going on in your personal life.

  • Benefits at Work for Caregivers

    There are no federal mandates to deal with the time off that accompanies caregiving; however, you can find employee benefits for working caregivers. Many caregivers don't know that they have protections at work. Find out what employee benefits you can receive as a caregiver.

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  • Working Caregivers Are Giving Back to Parents

    Most working caregivers are caring for elderly parents who either live with them or within 10 miles of their homes. Caregivers are spending 13 days a month on errands, and 6 days providing personal services like bathing, grooming, dressing and feeding.

  • Working Caregivers Cost Economy $25.2B Each Year

    More than one in six Americans working a full- or part-time job are caregivers of the elderly or disabled. Working caregivers cost the economy $25.2 billion in lost productivity due to more than 126 million workdays missed.

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  • Time Management Strategies for Caregivers

    Caregivers must carefully manage their time in order to care for their loved ones and themselves. A veteran caregiver offers her tips for prioritizing tasks, keeping expectations realistic and rolling with the punches.