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Sandwich Generation Articles

More than half of all caregivers are balancing care responsibilities and a job. Many are juggling caring for their own children as well. At some point, the question arises: should you quit your job?

Being a parent or a caregiver is demanding enough, but when someone assumes both of these roles (sometimes in addition to working), the result can be daunting. It is vital that caregivers acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses and ask for help.

When an aging loved one's health begins to fail, families are confronted by a variety of challenging decisions.

If a child has a therapy appointment and gram has a doctor appointment, which is more important? This is just one of the countless impossible questions faced by sandwich generation caregivers.

Try these delicious recipes to celebrate the men and women who pull double-duty, attending to the needs of aging parents while raising their own children and oftentimes juggling a career.

Taking care of a parent adds to the stress of daily life and caregivers find themselves burned-out, overwhelmed and looking for an escape.

For the Sandwich Generation, holidays are stressful. Your caregiving duties don't stop just because its the holidays. The kids aren't going to be less demanding than usual either. But it is possible to balance caregiving, family and the holidays.

Where does "honoring your parents" begin and end? Don't let caregiving affect other relationships that are important to you. Here's how to establish boundaries with your loved ones.

When I first heard the term “Sandwich Generation,” it didn’t occur to me that I was a member of this commendable group. I survived caring for multiple seniors, raising my children and working all at once.

Many people mistakenly compare child rearing to caring for an aging parent, but, as many caregivers know, these two tasks couldn’t be more different.