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Humor Articles

For now, Mum can still enjoy the comics section of the newspaper, but her granddaughter found a new way to appeal to her sense of humor. Surprisingly, a mix of classic art and snarky internet trends brought these two generations together through laughter.

Actress and screenwriter Lauren Miller Rogen discusses how her experiences with Alzheimer's inspired her to help create a one of a kind initiative to support families and young people affected by this disease.

Check out this video of adults aged 65 to 92 covering a popular hip-hop song. Just keep in mind, they have 1,200 grandchildren between them, and they still did their own stunts.

Last night, after I went to bed, Charlie's dementia convinced him to turn down the thermostat, even though I told him not to.

Still searching for that special someone? This heartwarming video of dating advice from older adults just might help you make the love connection you've been longing for.

Is your loved one resistant to the idea of moving to a retirement home? Maybe this video will change their mind.

The health benefits of dancing are undeniable. Whether you prefer to disco, waltz or tango, moving to the music can stave off medical issues and keep your mind and body nimble.

Aging is full of challenging situations, but being able to appreciate the lighter moments can be a good way to manage stress. Learn how çlaughter techniques can help caregivers stay healthy.

A new set of educational films aims to alleviate the stigma of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia in a unique way.

Caregivers cope with stress and difficult decisions on a daily basis. Humor shared among caregivers will not only lift your spirits, it will also bring proven health benefits.

Tap into the healing power of music with these 13 Theme Songs for Family Caregivers, hand-picked by the heroic men and women caring for elderly loved ones.

Video games aren't just for the young. Here are four video clips that show what your elderly parent can do with a new Wii.

Caregivers certainly perform feats worthy of gold medals on a regular basis. Experienced caregivers created a few suggestions for events that should be included in the caregiving version of the Olympic games.

Elderly people do funny things sometimes. Instead of feeling guilty about laughing, keep in mind that a good chuckle can bring you and your loved one closer and add some levity to caregiving.

Laughter has proven to be an effective dementia treatment. New research indicates that laughter may be just as effective as antipsychotic medications for reducing anxiety in elderly people with dementia.

Maintaining a healthy heart may be more enjoyable than you think. Laughter and chocolate are shown to be heart healthy due to their effect on blood vessels.

For caregivers, laughter might be the best medicine. Laughing in even the grimmest situations is good for you, both mentally and physically. The trick is to learn how to laugh even when you don't feel like it.

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