• Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: What Seniors and Caregivers Need to Know

    Millions of Americans are set to receive economic impact payments from the government. Learn about eligibility requirements, amounts and how to submit updated information to ensure older Americans get their coronavirus stimulus checks.

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  • Lockdown Activities for an Elderly Loved One

    With self-isolating as the new normal, your aging parent may be missing their usual social interactions and activities. We’ve compiled a list of online resources to help keep the mind and body busy during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Hand-Washing Best Practices for Seniors and Family Caregivers

    Frequent hand-washing prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria and is a fundamental part of infection control. Learn the best hand-washing techniques and discover which products for good hand hygiene can help keep you and your family healthy.

  • Protecting a Senior Against Coronavirus

    Coronavirus is especially worrisome for those who are living with elderly loved ones. Family caregivers should take the following precautions to protect seniors from COVID-19.

  • The Emergency Medical File Every Caregiver Should Create

    Family caregivers, especially those with medical power of attorney (POA), should assemble a folder containing these 9 important medical details that can be easily handed off to nurses, doctors and first responders when seniors need emergency health care.

  • Adult Vaccination: Protect Yourself, Seniors and Their Caregivers

    Many adults assume that their inoculation days are long over, but keeping up with recommended vaccine schedules throughout our lives is just as important as the initial doses we received as children.

  • Emergency Planning: Is Your Loved One’s Long-Term Care Facility Prepared?

    Every long-term care facility should have a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan in place. Be sure to ask your loved one’s senior living community how they handle emergency situations like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and fires.

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  • Managing Personal Medical Information

    Having all information regarding a senior's health, diseases, doctors and medications in one place ensures everything is easily accessible when you need it most. Use this Medical Information Checklist to help you stay organized.

  • Caring for a Loved One with Lung Disease

    For seniors with lung disease, difficulty breathing is a common symptom that can affect energy levels and limit activities. Explore tips on how to help someone with respiratory problems improve their sleep quality, nutrition and overall health.

  • Recommended Vaccines for Seniors

    Decreasing an aging loved one’s risk of contracting preventable yet potentially deadly diseases, such as Covid-19, flu or pneumonia, is as simple as getting a shot (or two). These are the CDC guidelines for senior vaccinations.

  • Helping Elders Feel Less Alone

    Because of inevitable losses, some loneliness is built into the aging process. Help seniors feel less isolated and decrease the debilitating effects of loneliness.

  • Caring for a Senior With Alzheimer's At Home: Tips & Strategies

    When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, some families make the decision to care for them at home. Incorporate these caregiving tips and strategies into your daily routine.

  • Why Seniors Are More Susceptible to Pneumonia

    Adults over age 65 are at a much higher risk of developing and possibly dying from pneumonia. Learn what factors can contribute to this risk and how you can protect your loved one from falling ill.

  • Caregiving During COVID-19: Caregivers Share Advice, Encouragement and Support

    Family caregivers share their best self-care tips, pieces of wisdom and words of encouragement for peers who are caring for aging loved ones (and themselves) while coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The upcoming 2020–2021 flu season coincides with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Make an informed decision about your flu vaccine with these 5 facts about the flu shot, influenza and COVID-19.

  • Telemedicine Helps Seniors Stay at Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

    Virtual doctor’s appointments help caregivers and seniors minimize physical contact while receiving medical care. Learn how to help an older adult transition to telehealth platforms to improve access to care from the safety and comfort of their own home.

  • Life During Lockdown: Nutrition Assistance Programs and Food Delivery Services for Seniors and Caregivers

    Coronavirus and public health measures meant to slow its spread have worsened food insecurity for older adults. Senior meal delivery, grocery delivery and government benefits can ensure your loved one continues eating nutritious meals while staying home.

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  • Caregiver Tips: Getting a Senior to Wash Their Hands

    Regular hand-washing is a crucial part of infection control, but seniors’ personal hygiene habits often decline with age. Family caregivers share their tips and tricks for getting aging loved ones to practice good hand hygiene.

  • Bathing & Hygiene Top Tips: Promoting Comfort and Cooperation

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ suggestions for helping a senior feel secure and relaxed while helping them bathe.

  • Tips for Reducing Loneliness in Elders During the Holidays

    This holiday season will look quite different from previous years. With more seniors forced to celebrate the holidays alone, learn how to help an elderly loved one feel your love from afar.

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