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Care Team Articles

"Home care" and "home health care" are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are very different in what they offer. Learn what services each provides to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

Caregivers often need more assistance than they are willing to ask for. Geriatric care managers are a relatively new elder care resource that many may not even be aware of. See if your family could benefit from a GCM's services and learn how to find one who is a good match for you situation.

Family caregivers require adequate structure and support in order to meet all of their loved ones’ needs and make time for their own self-care. Find out how to employ the same tool professionals use to succeed at caregiving.

In order to be successful, every caregiver needs a care plan and a team to help them execute it. A well-rounded roster of friends, family and professionals can help you provide quality care and prevent burnout.

A patient with cognitive impairment can often fool doctors and other care providers during examinations and assessments. Caregivers must take responsibility for making sure physicians are aware of their loved one's true health and capabilities.

Integrative and functional medicine focuses on the connection between lifestyle and health in order to prevent and treat the root causes of illness. Furthermore, this method focuses on the health of the entire body rather than individual organ systems.

In-home care providers can help seniors engage in life outside of their homes. Learn how professional caregivers enrich clients’ daily routines by accompanying them to appointments, religious services, and social events.

After one stint of my husband refusing to bathe for six weeks, I finally admitted to myself and his VA doctor that I needed some help at home. This is our incredible experience with the VA’s home-based care programs.

As dementia advances there will be challenges along the journey. It is your responsibility to contribute to a plan and follow up with the facility to ensure the plan is being carried out. You are your loved one's voice, don't be afraid to use it.

Once a care plan has been established, it should be reviewed and updated periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness for both the senior and their caregiver.

I had trouble learning how to ask for help when Charlie's dementia care became too much for me to handle.

The traits a caregiver needs to provide high quality care and establish a bond with an elderly client run deeper than skills alone. Include these 5 important attributes in your search for the right match for your loved one.

For many reasons, I knew I needed some new doctors. At 85, I especially wanted a geriatrician to play quarterback for my team. Here's what I did... and why.

It can take some trial and error to find the right in-home care provider and caregivers for a senior. If you decide to change companies, follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition and a better home care experience.

Hiring a professional caregiver to help ensure a loved one’s smooth transition from hospital to home reduces the risk of readmission and provides peace of mind for family caregivers.

The amount and type of Alzheimer's care training that health care professionals receive varies, depending on where their job description and where they work.

What is a geriatric psychiatrist and how can they help caregivers and seniors? Caring for older adults requires a special understanding of their physical, emotional and social needs.

When a spouse becomes a family caregiver for an aging or ill loved one, it can affect the marital relationship. As you brave this adjustment together, use these tips to show your husband or wife what you’re made of and how much your marriage means to you.

The revival of the doctor house call is underway, according to recent research. Discover what this trend means for the future of elder healthcare.

Specialized training enables professional caregivers to notice and act on important changes in your loved one’s health, giving you a chance for respite and added peace of mind.
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