Healthy Aging -

Healthy Aging

The natural process of aging in which healthy lifestyle choices lead to better physical, cognitive, and mental health in older adults.
  • If I ever needed a sense of humor and adventure, it is now! I am reinventing my life yet again, which is both exciting and perplexing at times. But, it is important to remember that it's never too late to shake things up and find happiness.
  • Significant changes are happening to the demographics of the United States. Our population is growing in both number and diversity, and it is also aging. But what does this mean about how generations of people continue to interact with one another?
  • A company has set out to preserve seniors' legacies for future generations by using video interviews, family photos, old letters and other personal memorabilia to produce a unique theater-quality film.
  • Positive thinking and careful framing are powerful tools that can help individuals live the healthy and happy lives that they desire. Learn how to focus on the good and avoid getting caught in a negative rut that can affect your health and how you age.
  • I've begun an "aging well" series, and don't know many seniors who are doing just that any better than Margaret, profiled here. She's 97, lives in her own house with her cat, plays the piano and manages all her own affairs. Here's her inspiring story.
  • I decided to profile people I know who seem to be aging well. First up: my dear friends Daniel and Marione Ingram. They don't boast a huge bank account, but they are rich in ways that most of us would envy.
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