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Treatment Articles

Both family caregivers and seniors may benefit from a little-known form of psychotherapy that targets the symptoms of prolonged grief and PTSD that can occur after a parent or spouse passes away.

Nearly half of all patients with Alzheimer’s are already in the moderate to severe stages of the disease by the time they are diagnosed. Increased attention to the early stages of AD is essential for proper treatment, planning and caregiver support.

It can be difficult to distinguish scientifically proven options from hyped up “remedies” and expensive “cures.” Know what to look for in an alternative treatment and how to decide if it's worth trying.

It is normal to be constipated from time to time, but when this condition lasts for a prolonged period or worsens significantly, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even require medical attention.

Understanding what stage of heart failure a senior is in and learning how to help them manage their lifestyle to minimize symptoms can provide you both with added comfort and confidence.

The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for minimizing the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Friends and family often try to help a loved one with dementia by suggesting new and alternative therapies they might benefit from. The majority of these may be dead ends, but the reaction that patients receive when they do not exhaust every possible option can be disconcerting. But is it truly worth using precious remaining time recreating experimental solutions and chasing down "cures?"

The former president was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma earlier this year. After surgery, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy, Carter says he is free of cancer.

Individuals who have chronic conditions and live in states where marijuana is legal for medical use may benefit from this alternative treatment.

Skin tags are a common skin problem for older adults. Removing skin tags with surgery is a simple procedure that can be performed by a dermatologist.

Headlines proclaiming the discovery of a potential Alzheimer's treatment are often in the news, yet a cure for the disease continues to elude scientists. So what's happening?

People struggling with sleep apnea are often prescribed a CPAP machine to mitigate their symptoms. However, these devices do have downsides. Discover how to treat sleep apnea without a CPAP machine.

A new study shows Parkinson's patients actually score better on motor skills tests when they think one medicine costs more than another; even if they're identical.

For a natural process, menopause can be accompanied by a bunch of seemingly unnatural symptoms. Here's the scoop on what does and doesn't work when it comes to treating menopausal depression.

Over 20 million Americans age 40 and over are affected by a potentially debilitating condition called cataracts. Most of these people are also candidates for a painless outpatient procedure that could easily improve their eyesight and quality of life.

A new surgical technique promises to help alleviate the neurological glitches caused by Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, depression and other brain disorders.

Treatments and medications are supposed to make people healthier, but when it comes to medical care for seniors, less is more in most cases.

Coconut oil has emerged as a potential therapy for Alzheimer's disease. But how beneficial is it?Discover how coconut oil interacts with the brain.

Alternative medicine offers natural, cost-effective heart disease treatment options. Here are a few examples of alternative therapies for heart disease.

Hearing loss with age (presbycusis) is permanent and takes effect gradually as the body matures; impacting 35 million Americans. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatment options.
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