Neuropathy in the Elderly

  • An Overview of Diabetic Neuropathy

    Nerve damage is a serious condition that is associated with diabetes and can lead many health problems.

  • 5 Common Complications from Diabetes

    Even when blood sugar levels are properly managed, individuals with diabetes can develop serious health concerns. Learn the signs and symptoms to watch out for.

  • Elderly at 69

    It's not just my mind that makes me feel old. It's my body, too. And in a society that seems to value youth over everything else, it's a struggle not to feel less-than.

  • Caregiver Remedies for Senior Foot Pain

    Arthritis, poor circulation, neuropathy, gout and plantar fasciitis can cause seniors to experience foot pain and discomfort. Experienced caregivers share their tips for managing foot pain, which can improve a senior’s mobility and quality of life.

  • Adaptive Footwear: Finding Shoes for a Senior's Hard-to-Fit Feet

    Podiatric issues like arthritis, structural foot deformities and complications from diabetes can make it hard for seniors to find shoes that fit properly. Family caregivers offer tips for finding and affording orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics.

  • Medical Marijuana for Seniors: Weighing the Risks, Benefits and Out-of-Pocket Costs

    Cannabis is a hot topic among elders who are weary of prescription drugs and seeking alternatives for managing symptoms like pain and anxiety. But medical marijuana isn’t for everyone—there are medical, legal and financial implications to consider.

  • Find Care & Housing
  • Podiatrist vs. Pedicurist: Where to Go for Senior Foot Care

    Proper foot care is an important part of an elder’s overall health but deciding whether to go to a doctor’s office or a salon for these services can be confusing. Veteran caregivers offer their best advice on how to care for a senior’s feet.

  • Diabetes and Skin Care

    Diabetes can harm the skin in two ways: through fluid loss and nerve damage.

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