Menopause & Caregiving Articles

  • Andropause: A Taboo Topic for Many Men

    As men age, hormone production and bioavailability decrease, resulting in a number of different mental and physical changes. A mental health counselor examines the causes and effects of these changes and the controversy surrounding the male aging process.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Aging Men

    Testosterone levels decrease naturally as men age, but hormone replacement therapy for 'Low T' has become a hot topic for men who wish to offset some of the common side effects of andropause. However, hormonal supplements may increase health risks.

  • Treating Menopausal Depression: What Works and What Doesn’t

    For a natural process, menopause can be accompanied by a bunch of seemingly unnatural symptoms. Here's the scoop on what does and doesn't work when it comes to treating menopausal depression.

  • Alzheimer’s Risk in Women May Fall With Timely Hormone Therapy

    Hormone replacement therapy may reduce a menopausal woman's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later on in life. Women who took hormones within five years of the onset of menopause experienced the greatest cognitive benefits.

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  • Caregiving and Menopause: How To Handle The Double-Whammy

    Many women face menopause while cargiving. Caregivers going through menopause find that their feelings of irritability, confusion, depression and fatigue become intensified.

  • Prunes May Increase Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women

    Osteoporosis, or loss of bone density, can be a huge problem for postmenopausal women. One fruit was found to increase bone density more than several other fruits tested.

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  • What is a DEXA bone density test?

    Those test results will tell her how aggressive to be in helping you ward off osteoporosis, which affects half of all women over 50. Click to read Dr. Connolly's full answer.