Hematuria in the Elderly

The presence of blood in the urine.

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  • Hematuria in the Elderly

    What is hematuria and should caregivers be concerned if their elderly parent has it?

  • UTIs Cause Unusual Behavioral Symptoms in Elders

    Seniors with urinary tract infections may not exhibit classic physical symptoms. Instead, confusion and mental and behavior changes can be the tell-tale signs of a UTI.

  • UTI in the Elderly: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in seniors can cause serious health complications. Learn how to spot the behavioral and physical symptoms of UTI in elderly individuals and how to reduce the risk of recurrent UTIs.

  • 10 Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

    Early symptoms of kidney disease are subtle and can go unnoticed for many years. Delays in medical treatment could be fatal, so it’s important to catch the signs early to prevent permanent kidney damage.

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