Blood Clots in the Elderly

  • Are You Eating Your ABCs?

    Specific vitamins can have a significant positive (or negative) impact on your health. Learn what each one does, how to spot a deficiency, and what foods you should add to your diet to make sure you're meeting your nutritional requirements.

  • Seniors and Blood Clots: What are the Symptoms?

    Blood clots can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other chronic heart conditions. Keeping an eye out for these symptoms can help to protect your loved one's health.

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  • Ischemic Stroke and the Elderly

    The most common kind of stroke, an ischemic stroke occurs when an artery supplying the brain with blood becomes blocked.

  • Caring for a Loved One on Blood Thinners

    Blood-thinning medications are life savers, but there are many lifestyle changes that must be made when taking them. However, the responsibility for implementing these changes and ensuring a senior’s compliance typically falls to their family caregiver.

  • Caregiver Remedies for Senior Foot Pain

    Arthritis, poor circulation, neuropathy, gout and plantar fasciitis can cause seniors to experience foot pain and discomfort. Experienced caregivers share their tips for managing foot pain, which can improve a senior’s mobility and quality of life.

  • Two Surprising Types of Medication Cause the Majority of Senior Overdoses

    Research indicates that older adults are more likely to be hospitalized for adverse drug events related to the use of blood thinners or diabetes medications than they are to be harmed by more risky drugs like prescription painkillers.

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