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Assisted Suicide Articles

Selecting a course of action at the end of life can be a complex task, but it must be done. Often a new diagnosis is the instigating factor in formally deciding on a plan.This can include a DNR, advance directive, living will, and/or VSED.

Should terminally ill patients be able to voluntarily end their life? There are many ethical implications regarding this hotly debated topic, but many proponents of the right-to-die stress how such a choice can help patients avoid unnecessary suffering.

If things get bad and my quality of life just doesn't cut it anymore, I don't want to linger on Earth -- miserable, unaware, a burden to family. But the question is -- What to do about it?

I saw the play "Freud's Last Session" about an imaginary conversation between the ill and aging Sigmund Freud and the up-and-coming writer C.S. Lewis. It rekindled my own thoughts about assisted suicide.

How far should a caregiver go in supporting the wants and needs of a beloved spouse or parent – or even their child – when the requested support may hasten death?

Sherwin Nuland, author of "How We Die: Reflection's on Life's Final Chapter," recently passed away from prostate cancer. His award-winning book offers insights on controversial end-of-life issues.

I wonder why more people with Alzheimer's don't resort to suicide, given the overall attitude towards the disease.

Vermont just passed a landmark bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide and offering protection to doctors and family of people who seek life-ending medication.