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Chemotherapy Articles

People receiving treatment for serious cancers may harbor false hopes for a full recovery. Chemotherapy can give someone suffering from late-stage cancer a few more weeks or months of life, but the likelihood of a cure in the later stages of these diseases is very rare.

Eating is often difficult for a cancer-stricken senior. But the weakness and fatigue associated with not getting enough nutrients can give cancer the upper hand. Learn how to make sure your loved one is getting the food they need.

Chemotherapy is a common form of cancer treatment, but the side-effects of chemo treatments can be very unpleasant. Here is some advice on what to expect and how to help a loved one cope with chemotherapy.

Two new research studies have uncovered two new ways of combatting metastatic melanoma. The discoveries point to the future effectiveness of personalizing cancer treatments by combining several different approaches to attacking the disease.

Lung cancer kills more people than any other form of cancer.

When fighting cancer, many of the most effective treatments can be accompanied by debilitating side effects. Here's how caregivers can help.

When cancer is the diagnosis, chemotherapy is often the recommended treatment, but the side effects can be severe.

Get information about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and caring for someone who has breast cancer.

The treatment plan for cancer in the elderly depends mainly on the type of cancer and the stage of the disease.

Facts about cancer, what the symptoms to look, how cancer is diagnosed and what treatments are used.