Geriatric Nurse Articles

  • 4 Tips for Building Relationships with Nurses

    Use these tips to connect with the nurses caring for your loved one and show your appreciation and respect for their hard work.

  • Adding a Geriatric Care Manager to your Elder Care Team

    Geriatric care managers are an elder care resource that many caregivers may not even be aware of. Learn how your family could benefit from adding a GCM to your care team and how to find one who is a good match for your senior care needs.

  • Who’s Who in Skilled Nursing: Staff Caregivers Should Get To Know

    When moving into a skilled nursing facility the care team can be confusing for seniors and their family members. Learn who on the staff you should get to know and who's responsible for which aspects of senior care.

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  • Dementia Training Should Be Mandatory

    Each caregiver knows that not all long-term care facilities are created equal. However, seeking placement becomes even more challenging for a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia. Ensuring the staff is properly trained is key.

  • What Nurses Wish Caregivers Knew

    Have you ever wondered what your loved one’s nurse was thinking? Here’s a list of six insights on elder care that nurses wish family caregivers knew.

  • Help is Available for Veterans through the VA

    After one stint of my husband refusing to bathe for six weeks, I finally admitted to myself and his VA doctor that I needed some help at home. This is our incredible experience with the VA’s home-based care programs.

  • The Legend of the “Cranky Old Man”

    The “Cranky Old Man” is a touching poem about aging that has moved countless caregivers around the world to tears. But where did it really come from?

  • Assisted Living Staff Caregivers Should Get To Know

    When a loved one moves into an assisted living community the flurry of new faces can be confusing for seniors and their family members. Who on the staff should you get to know? Who's responsible for what aspects of a senior's care? If your loved one gets sick in the middle of the night, who should they go to for help?