Senior Dehydration

  • Swallowing Disorders: Tips for Using Food and Beverage Thickeners

    When a senior is having trouble swallowing, known as dysphagia, doctors recommend thickening meals and drinks to avoid choking and aspiration. Use these tips to address dehydration and malnutrition issues in people who have a swallowing disorder.

  • Hydration Tips for Seniors

    For many caregivers, preventing dehydration in elderly loved ones is a daily struggle. Learn how to help seniors get the fluids they need, even if they won’t drink water.

  • How to Stay Well in Hot Weather

    Heat and sun, combined with high humidity, can change us from comfortable to over-heated very quickly if we are not careful. Most heat-related injuries can be prevented by adequate hydration

  • The Risks and Benefits of Feeding Tubes for the Elderly

    Deciding whether to use a feeding tube is a complex matter, especially for older patients. Family caregivers should understand why and when tube feeding is appropriate in case they must make this choice for their loved one someday.

  • Caring for a Senior With Chronic Constipation

    Constipation in elderly individuals is common but often overlooked. For some, constipation is a persistent problem that causes discomfort and may even result in dangerous complications.

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Diet After Age 50

    A registered dietitian explains what nutrients are most important for older adults and how you and your loved one can work on adopting healthier eating habits together.

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  • Diagnosing and Treating Bed Wetting in the Elderly

    Nocturnal enuresis (the medical term for bed wetting) can be an embarrassing and messy issue for older adults, but there are several techniques and treatments that can be used to help remedy nighttime incontinence.

  • Hydration: A Miracle Cure for Dizziness and Incontinence

    My Parkinson's disease and prostate surgery have left me with several issues, including incontinence and occasional dizziness. Eureka! I stumbled upon an easy, cheap, effective remedy!

  • Top Caregiver Remedies for Foot and Leg Cramps in Seniors

    Muscle cramps in the feet and legs can be very painful and typically become more common with age. Experienced family caregivers share their tips for preventing and relieving cramps and muscle spasms in elderly loved ones.

  • Stop Incontinence From Sabotaging Your Summer

    Incontinence affects more than half of Americans over age 65. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure symptoms don’t interfere with summer plans.

  • Spotting Health Problems in a Senior With Dementia

    Spotting health problems, such as the common cold or a urinary tract infection, can be difficult in a senior with dementia when they can't communicate their symptoms.

  • Bladder Control: More is Not Always Better

    One of the challenges in caring for my spouse became his "going" problem. He was emptying his bladder constantly – at least every hour. We evaluated his prostate, got medical attention, and most importantly adjusted his fluid intake.

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  • Coffee or Green Tea: Which Drink is Right For You?

    Most people swear by either coffee or tea to get their daily caffeine fix, but the benefits of these two beverages extend far beyond a simple pick-me-up. See how the characteristics of each match up with your health goals.

  • Summer Weather Doesn’t Mix With Some Medications

    Exposure to intense sun and heat can cause dangerous drug interactions, especially in older adults. Be mindful of a senior’s medication regimen and outdoor activities during the summer months to avoid dehydration, skin reactions and heat-related illness.

  • Cold Weather Safety for Older Adults

    Chilling temperatures, ice and snow can be a nuisance, but for older adults, the colder months can be downright dangerous. Use these winter tips for seniors to ensure your loved ones stay safe and warm.

  • Hot Weather Tips for Seniors and Family Caregivers

    Older adults are at higher risk for overheating and heat stroke for several reasons. Use these tips to ensure your loved one stays cool and hydrated during the hot summer months.

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