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  • What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say to a Cancer Patient

    When a beloved friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer, finding the right words to say can seem impossible. Caregivers and survivors share their insights.

  • Cancer Care Q and A: Post-Chemo Concerns

    Chemotherapy is a common form of cancer treatment, but the side-effects of chemo treatments can be very unpleasant. Here is some advice on what to expect and how to help a loved one cope with chemotherapy.

  • An Overview of Cancer

    Cancer strikes people of all ages, but as people age, they are more likely to get cancer, even if no one in the family has had it. Learn about cancer, symptoms to look for, how cancer is diagnosed and what treatments are used.

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  • Cancer Detection Tests for Elders

    Regular cancer detection tests and screenings are important for elders. The earlier cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat.

  • Confronting a Serious Diagnosis like it's a House on Fire

    When we are confronted with a potentially fatal diagnosis for ourselves or a loved one, we can find ourselves caught up in endless cycle of "why." Don't get stuck questioning, take action for yourself and your loved ones.

  • 9 Nutrition Tips During Cancer Treatment

    Eating is often difficult for a cancer-stricken senior. But the weakness and fatigue associated with not getting enough nutrients can give cancer the upper hand. Learn how to make sure your loved one is getting the food they need.

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  • When a Serious Diagnosis Causes a Senior to Consider Suicide

    Receiving the news of a serious diagnosis like cancer or dementia may cause a senior to consider suicide, but caregiver intervention and the development of productive coping techniques can help.

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  • Caring for an Elder When You Have Breast Cancer

    What happens when the caregiver needs care? Because caregivers are prone to putting their own needs last, they are at greater risk of delaying important tests that detect diseases like breast cancer.

  • An Overview of Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer kills more people than any other form of cancer. Learn the risk factors, signs and symptoms of lung disease as well as the the types and stages of the disease.

  • 10 Worst Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

    When fighting cancer, many of the most effective treatments can be accompanied by debilitating side effects. Here's how caregivers can help.

  • Chemotherapy: What is It and What Are The Side Effects?

    When cancer is the diagnosis, chemotherapy is often the recommended treatment, but the side effects can be severe.

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  • 6 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Cancer Patient

    It can be difficult for friends and family to think of the right things to say to a loved one who has cancer. When in doubt, avoid using these phrases and simply listen to what the cancer patient has to say.

  • Where Cancer Patients and Caregivers Can Go to Find Hope

    Cancer patients and caregivers can find support and strength as they undergo treatment by staying at one of the Hope Lodge communities run by the American Cancer Society. The best part? It's free.

  • The Dangers of Believing in ‘Sensationalist Science’

    We've all seen the headlines: "5 Scary Facts About Microwave Popcorn," "Long-term cellphone use linked to brain cancer." The list of scary science in the news is ever-growing. But what does the data really say?

  • Are You Ignoring These Cancer Signs?

    A new study finds that the majority of people ignore key cancer signs. Yet seemingly insignificant symptoms can indicate serious health problems.

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  • The One Vehicle I Never Wanted to Drive

    Taking my husband to the cancer center for the first time made the disease seem much more real--and terrifying. Still, there was no way to truly prepare for the battle before us.

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  • Mary and Patrick Dempsey Elevate Caregiving and Cancer Awareness

    When the matriarch of the Dempsey clan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her adult children sprang into action as caregivers and raisers of cancer awareness.

  • To Treat, or Not to Treat

    Too many people avoid the "hard talks" by postponing them, but such conversations are essential to making sure an elderly loved one's medical care respects their personal preferences.

  • My Mohs Surgery for Melanoma

    I'm usually so good about being the CEO of my own health. But this time, I let something nasty creep up on me: skin cancer. Here's what happened.

  • Why Every Woman Needs a Friend Like Rhoda Morgenstern

    Every woman needs a friend like Rhoda Morgenstern, the beloved roommate from the "Mary Tyler Moore Show." Here are 5 indisputable reasons why.

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