Vaccines in the Elderly

A biological preparation that stimulates the body's production of antibodies and provides immunity against a specific disease.

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  • Adult Vaccination: Protect Yourself, Seniors and Their Caregivers

    Seniors may believe that their inoculation days are over, but keeping up with recommended vaccine schedules throughout our lives is just as imperative as receiving those initial doses as children.

  • The Best Time of Year to Get a Flu Shot

    Advertisements to get your flu shot start earlier and earlier every year. Does the timing of your vaccine play a role in protecting you for the entire flu season?

  • Recommended Vaccines for the Elderly

    Decreasing your loved one's chances of contracting the flu or pneumonia, and other preventable diseases is as simple as getting a shot (or two) in the arm. The CDC recommends 6 vaccines for the elderly.

  • Benefits of the High-Dose Flu Shot for Seniors

    Seniors over age 65 should receive an annual flu shot to safeguard their health. A high-dose vaccine provides increased protection from infection in individuals who have weaker immune systems.

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