Medicare Part A

  • Does Medicare Pay for Home Health Care?

    Home health care services and skilled therapy are covered by Medicare, but patients must meet 4 specific criteria in order to be eligible.

  • Senior Rehab: Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Stays

    Medicare pays for senior rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility, but only for a limited time and under certain circumstances. Be aware of Medicare’s rules for rehab coverage to avoid costly surprises.

  • Does Medicare Pay for Hospice Care?

    The Medicare hospice benefit provides comfort care for patients who are facing the end of life. Original Medicare will cover hospice services for terminally ill seniors (and their family members) if they meet eligibility requirements.

  • The 4 Parts of Medicare

    A breakdown of the different parts of Medicare including what each part covers, its cost, and who qualifies - Medicare Part A, B, C, D.

  • Helping A Loved One Enroll in Medicare: Where to Start?

    Understand the enrollment options and the basics of the Medicare system to save you and your family a great deal of money on healthcare costs.

  • Learn Medicare's Benefits and Gaps to Pick the Best Plan

    Just like other health coverage, Medicare has terrific benefits, but it also has some gaps that caregivers and elderly parents should keep in mind.

  • Find Care & Housing
  • How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

    Medicare Advantage Plans are another way for seniors to receive Original Medicare and additional benefits like vision, dental and hearing coverage. Learn more to see if a Part C plan might be a good fit for you or your aging loved one.

  • Medicare Savings Programs Help Seniors Pay Their Premiums

    Beneficiaries who have limited income and resources may qualify for help paying Medicare premiums and other out-of-pocket health care costs. Learn how MSPs could save a senior hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

  • Delaying Medicare Enrollment Could Cost You

    It can be tempting for seniors to avoid enrolling in Medicare programs that provide coverage they don’t currently want or need, but health care needs can change quickly. While it’s possible to add additional coverage later on, it can be costly.

  • The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period Ends March 31

    Each year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers an open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans from January 1 through March 31. During this period, seniors can switch Advantage Plans or return to Original Medicare.

  • Who is Eligible for Medicare?

    "Am I eligible for Medicare?" "Can my mom or dad get Medicare?" These are common questions among caregivers, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. You must meet certain criteria to qualify.

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