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Skilled Nursing Facility Articles

On senior living tours, guides often direct your attention to the shiny features they’re proudest of. These offerings may be great, but it is crucial to use an evidence-based method to determine the quality of care your loved one will receive.

We may eventually have to consider transitioning our loved ones to independent or assisted living, nursing care, or even memory care. Of course, many of us have visited these places, but do we truly know what living there is like?

C. diff infections are on the rise in hospitals and nursing homes, and ill seniors are particularly vulnerable to this persistent bug. Use these best hygiene and antibiotic practices to keep your loved one and yourself healthy.

When moving an aging loved one to a nursing home, it is difficult to determine which belongings they should bring, which ones they must purge and what you are willing to keep. Use this guide to prepare for the transition.

There are 6 legitimate reasons to discharge a resident, but some facilities use other tactics to evict those who are difficult or cannot pay. Learn about the discharge and appeals processes so you can safeguard your loved one’s rights.

Patients who are overweight or obese face significant challenges when trying to find a rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing facility or nursing home that can accommodate their unique needs. These tips will help you narrow down your search and make sure your loved one is well cared for.

Caregivers and professionals may brush over the past due to a loved one's dementia diagnosis. However, even if they can't remember much, the past can also be a helpful tool for meaningful communication.

There are many tired justifications for getting out of visiting a loved one in a hospital, nursing home or other long-term care facility. A dementia patient explains why he finds these selfish excuses to be simply unacceptable.

Evaluating everyday and special occasion meal options can provide a great deal of insight into the overall quality of the facility you are considering for your loved one. Use these 4 simple suggestions to help you decide on a skilled nursing facility.

When a loved one needs to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation following a surgery or procedure, it can be difficult for family members to know how to handle this transition period. See how you can help your loved one get healthy again.

Medication management has been one of my biggest challenges as a caregiver. The new Nursing Home Compare Ratings are trying to make things better, but a caregiver still has to be an advocate for their loved one's health.

New nationwide rankings reveal the top nursing homes in each state. Discover the questions you should ask when choosing nursing home care for your loved one.

Veterans can use a special VA benefit in conjunction with Medicaid to pay for nursing home costs and still have some funds leftover for personal care and their community spouse.

New rating system by includes the use of certain medications in grading Nursing Homes.

In the chaos of the decision to place a family member in a nursing home, there's one factor that caregivers may overlook: nursing home residents can be bullies, too.

There are personal, professional, ethical and legal aspects to consider when deciding whether to use so-called “granny cams” to monitor the care seniors receive in their own homes and in long-term care facilities.

Both Medicare and Medicaid may indeed cover some portion of a stay at a nursing home there are differences to the rules ranging from skilled care to the co-pay rule.

A story that proves it's normal to have a hard time visiting a loved one in a nursing home--and why it's so important to face your misgivings head-on.

A nationwide investigation has uncovered a rash of recent thefts from nursing home trust fund accounts. Learn how to keep your loved one's money safe.

Finding the right nursing home for an elderly loved one can be difficult. Here's how an online tool can help you weigh three important factors of nursing home care.
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