Moving a Senior

  • 4 Programs That Ease Transitions to Senior Living Communities

    Many retirement communities use creative techniques to help residents make friends, settle into a routine and feel comfortable in their new home.

  • Encouraging Parents to Socialize After the Move to Senior Living

    After moving to senior living, family caregivers are often surprised to find their once-social parents refusing to participate in activities and isolating themselves from other residents. Here are some ways to help ease the transition into senior housing.

  • Does Moving to a Nursing Home Cause Depression?

    For many seniors, moving to a nursing home can lead to depression. Family caregivers can help their loved ones integrate into their new environment by using a few simple strategies to keep their spirits up during the transition to senior housing.

  • Making an Assisted Living Room Feel Like Home

    Most seniors don’t want to move to assisted living because they don’t want to give up their homes, where they are comfortable and surrounded by their belongings. But, there are ways to furnish and decorate an assisted living room to make it feel homey.

  • Parents Need Time to Adjust to Life at Retirement Homes

    It can take a few weeks for a new resident to adapt to their surroundings, meet neighbors and staff, and personalize their living space. Use these strategies both before and after the big move to make sure this transition goes smoothly for everyone.

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  • Selling Your Parent's Home When They Have Alzheimer's

    When a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, at some point you or a family member may need to sell their home so they can move into senior housing. Here's what caregivers need to know before trying to sell their aging parent's house.

  • When a Senior with Dementia Says, ‘I Just Want to Go Home’

    It's heartbreaking to hear a loved one say, “I want to go home,” regardless of whether they’re already in their own house or now living in a senior living facility. How can family caregivers help calm and comfort them without giving them false hope?

  • Helping Elderly Parents Transition to Assisted Living

    Whether your loved one goes into an assisted living facility willingly or needs some encouragement, adjusting can be a challenge. Work as a team with your family and the staff to promote a smooth and comfortable move.

  • Planning For A Move to Assisted Living

    Moving your elderly parent into an assisted living facility is never easy, but it can be made less painful for caregivers, family and most importantly, the elder.

  • Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities

    Taking the time to research assisted living facilities before talking with resistant elders will help you understand the options and ensure the discussion goes smoothly.

  • Aging Motivates Downsizing to Another Home

    Although many seniors will remodel their homes so that they can "age in place," others move to a smaller place in an active adult community, assisted living, or some other form of senior housing. The problem: At least for smaller urban homes and apartments, there will be a lot of competition.

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  • Sell or Stay? The Competition for Senior Housing

    Empty nesters and seniors need different types of housing as they get older. Will economics allow you to sell your current home for a price that allows you to find another home that better suits your needs?

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