Home Safety for Older Adults

  • Aging in Place: Making Your Home’s Main Entrance Accessible

    Your front door and the paths around your house are your gateway to the outside world. Learn how to modify these aspects of your residence to prevent falls and prolong your independence so you can lead an active life for many years to come.

  • Caregiver Tips: How to Keep Seniors Happy, Healthy and Warm This Winter

    We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for keeping an aging loved one safe, cozy, and clean despite the chilly winter weather. Do you have any tips for helping seniors thrive during the winter? Share them with your fellow caregivers.

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  • Neighbors Can Be Lifesavers for Older Adults Who Live Alone

    Families often worry about the safety of an older adult who lives alone, especially if there are no other relatives who live near by. In these instances, an aging loved one's neighbors can be an invaluable source of information and security.

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  • Fatal Falls On the Rise Among Seniors

    Fatal falls amongst adults 65 and older have risen significantly since 1999. These tips can help elders stay independent, and most importantly, safe.

  • Armed and Aging: Should Seniors Be Allowed to Keep Guns?

    Just as many caregivers agonize over what to do about a senior’s unsafe driving, more families are facing another serious dilemma: taking guns away from elderly loved ones. A veteran caregiver weighs in on concerns about elder gun owners.

  • West Nile Virus: Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

    Older adults are uniquely susceptible to developing the most serious form of the disease, which sometimes results in paralysis and death.

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  • How To Protect Elders From Frigid Winter Weather

    Chilling temperatures, ice and snow can be a nuisance, but for older adults, the winter months can be downright dangerous. Use these cold weather tips for seniors to ensure your loved ones stay safe and warm.

  • Automatic Fall Detection: A New Way to Call for Help

    New technology allows your parent to wear a device that no longer has to be pressed should they require help in an emergency. If they fall, the device sends a signal—your parent does not have to press a panic button.

  • How Hiring a Handyman Can Help Your Elderly Parents

    When aging parents want to continue living at home, but can no longer do minor home repairs, a handyman for seniors could be the answer.

  • Is Your Parent Safe in the Nursing Home?

    Families often worry about falls, illness and care quality when their loved ones move into a skilled nursing facility. Familiarizing yourself with the various regulations and security measures used in nursing homes will help give you added peace of mind.

  • Crime, Abuse and the Elderly

    Elderly people are often targets for robbery, purse snatching, pick-pocketing,complex internet or phone scams and other forms of financial abuse. Use these tips to avoid risks and stay safe.

  • What can be done for an elder who has difficulty getting in and out of the tub?

    Bath chairs and grab bars can help your elderly loved one bathe independently.

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  • How to Prevent Back Injuries When Lifting Someone

    One of the most common injuries suffered by caregivers in a home setting is back injuries caused by lifting or transferring another person.

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