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Assisted Living Articles

On senior living tours, guides often direct your attention to the shiny features they’re proudest of. These offerings may be great, but it is crucial to use an evidence-based method to determine the quality of care your loved one will receive.

To help caregivers find the best assisted living facility, here is a list of basic questions to ask when choosing assisted living for elderly parents.

Finding the right facility can make the transition process easier for all individuals involved. While researching, assess your loved one’s needs, budget, and personal preferences to ensure you make the best choice.

I recently toured a veteran's home in a midsize Minnesota town. The facility was beautifully designed and superbly run. The only thing that struck me as unusual was that I didn't notice any women.

There are personal, professional, ethical and legal aspects to consider when deciding whether to use so-called “granny cams” to monitor the care seniors receive in their own homes and in long-term care facilities.

In order to find the best fit for an aging loved one, it’s important to understand what types of housing and care are available and how they compare.

For dementia patients, “home” is more than just a place where they had once lived. It’s a sense of love and safety that stems from their surroundings.

A nationwide analysis of senior housing communities reveals some surprising insights about the men and women who are living in assisted living.

Charlie and I just visited a local assisted living facility to see whether it might be a viable housing option for us in the future. We were shocked.

Finding the right assisted living community can be tricky, especially when you factor in the federal, state and in-house regulations that govern everything from admission requirements to the protocol for placing a bandage on a resident.

What is a caregiver to do when a loved one is no longer safe living at home but refuses to consider moving to a long-term care community?

In every state it is possible to have Medicaid pay for certain assisted living costs. While the cost of room and board is never covered, Medicaid may cover certain costs.

Purging personal belongings is not always a simple task, so do your best to understand how emotionally challenging this process can be. Keep these strategies in mind to make downsizing a more positive experience.

Help make assisted living feel more like home, especially for elders reluctant to give up the comforts of familiar surroundings.

Expert advice from Carol Bradley Bursack: How to talk with an angry mother-in-law about moving into assisted living.

It’s impossible to anticipate how a senior may interact with other residents and staff in settings like assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but staff should be prepared to handle difficult interpersonal issues and defuse tensions.

It’s possible that assisted living communities provide the hands-on services needed, but it could be an added cost. Find the hidden costs of assisted living.

Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities seek to provide balanced, nutritional meals for their residents, but when your parent isn't eating enough, it could signal an underlying medical problem.

Staff at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities is prepared to monitor your parents' well-being as dementia progresses. You should expect them to track your parent's condition in a variety of ways.

Most people pay assisted living fees out-of-pocket, but there are several options for paying for assisted living that you should be aware of.
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