Assisted Living (ALF)

ALF; A residential setting with varied levels of services providing assistance with activities of daily living.

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  • Most people pay assisted living fees out-of-pocket, but there are several options for paying for assisted living that you should be aware of.

  • Talking to aging parents about assisted living can be tough. The conversation about moving to a retirement community or an assisted living facility doesn’t have to be difficult or emotionally charged. Use these tips to encourage a healthy discussion before a crisis arises.

  • Convincing a parent to move to assisted living could be beneficial for their social life, safety, and physical well-being. But how do you get stubborn aging parents to make the big move?

  • Considering assisted living? When it comes time for a senior to find and transition into assisted living, caregivers and family members have lots of question. We've compiled common questions about finding, paying for and moving to an ALF.

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