Prostate Care for the Elderly Articles

  • Medical Tests for Prostate Problems

    There are many different medical tests that diagnose prostate problems in elderly men.

  • How to Take Care of an Elderly Man with Bladder Control Problems

    Tips for caregivers on taking care of an elderly man who has bladder control problems

  • An Overview of Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men in the U.S. Only skin cancer is more common. Out of every three men who are diagnosed with cancer each year, one is diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  • Prostate Problems in Elderly Men

    Prostate problems are very common for seniors. The older males get, the more likely they are to be affected by this issue.

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  • How to Convince a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers

    Pro tip: The first step in winning this common battle is to strike the word “diaper” from your vocabulary.

  • The Effects of Insomnia on Your Aging Parent

    Insomnia, which is the inability to fall asleep, or stay asleep, affects almost half of elderly adults 60 and older. What causes insomnia among seniors, and how can you help an aging loved one get some sleep?

  • Incontinence and Bladder Control in the Elderly

    Incontinence, the inability to hold your bladder is an embarrassing problem, but it is also extremely common among elderly people. Explore issues that cause incontinence and how it can be treated and controlled.

  • Bladder Control: More is Not Always Better

    One of the challenges in caring for my spouse became his "going" problem. He was emptying his bladder constantly – at least every hour. We evaluated his prostate, got medical attention, and most importantly adjusted his fluid intake.

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