Pain in Older Adults Articles

  • 8 Arthritis Exercise Tips

    Exercise is important for seniors, but what do you do when arthritis pain makes movement a struggle? Here are eight tips that may help make working out more bearable for people suffering from arthritis.

  • A Dentist’s Take on Dentures

    Dentures can help seniors improve their confidence and quality of life. Use these expert tips to ensure dentures fit comfortably and learn how to properly care for a senior’s mouth after tooth loss.

  • What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

    You've found a surgeon you trust, scheduled the procedure, and figured out which senior rehabilitation center your loved one will be staying in, but are you prepared for what comes after the surgery?

  • A Caregiver's Guide to Osteoporosis, Fractures and Senior Bone Health

    When person's bones are thin and brittle, even a minor slip or fall can cause serious injury. For anyone over age 50, there is a very good chance that fall-related injuries are linked to osteoporosis.

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  • Parkinson’s Disease Top Tips: Alleviating Muscle Cramps

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips and suggestions to prevent and relieve painful muscle cramps associated with Parkinson’s.

  • Caring For Those in Chronic Pain: How Spouses Cope

    Becoming the primary caregiver for a spouse in chronic pain goes beyond what might be easily imaginable. It poses challenges that are difficult to meet or endure. Asking for help, staying social, keeping a great sense of humor are just a few of the many valuable suggestions AgingCare shares among their community. Accept that you are not alone and seek support, information and resources to take care of yourself while caring for the one you love.

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  • In Pain? Blame Your Brain

    Chronic pain can last for years and is hard to treat. Understanding the mind-body connection can help people cope with chronic pain.

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  • Beating Chronic Pain in the Elderly

    Pain is one of the most complex symptoms to treat. Sufferers aren’t always able to pinpoint exactly where they hurt, making the diagnosis and treatment tricky. But pain shouldn't keep your elderly loved one from enjoying activities they enjoy.

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  • The Connection Between Pain and Depression

    Does pain cause depression, or does depression cause pain? Many research studies have been conducted to analyze the connection.

  • How to Alleviate Physical Pain at the End of Life

    Making a person who is dying more comfortable and alleviating physical pain is an important priority for family caregivers. Discomfort can come from a variety of problems, but you and a hospice care provider can help manage the pain of your dying loved one.

  • Arthritis Top Tips: Medications for Joint Pain

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips and suggestions for medications used to manage arthritis pain.

  • Help America Start Talking About Opioids

    Millions of Americans are prescribed opioid pain medications, but discussions on safe usage and how to reduce the risk of an overdose have fallen by the wayside. Learn how you can help keep yourself and your loved one safe while taking these medicines.

  • Hospice Care: Choose the Best Hospice for Your Elderly Parent

    Investigate hospices early, before your elderly parent’s end of life approaches.