Medications and Older Adults

  • Behavior Changes Indicate a Senior's Medications Need a Review

    Mum hasn’t been herself lately, and it’s been weighing heavily on my mind. Perhaps something is wrong with her medication regimen, or it could be what I dread most: her Alzheimer’s disease is progressing.

  • Caring for a Loved One on Blood Thinners

    Blood-thinning medications are life savers, but there are many lifestyle changes that must be made when taking them. However, the responsibility for implementing these changes and ensuring a senior’s compliance typically falls to their family caregiver.

  • My Final Decision on 5-HTP and BP Medication

    It was a struggle with my doctors AND family, but I finally stopped taking 5-HTP and pills for hypertension. That journey was a long, strange trip.

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  • My History with Blood Pressure Medications

    Doctors told me for years that I needed blood pressure medication, but then I began to challenge their recommendations. What I decided to do might not be right for everyone, but it was right for me.

  • My 5-HTP Saga

    The over-the-counter supplement 5-HTP has been a friend to me for years until I started running into trouble with it. This is part of my long history with 5-HTP and blood pressure issues.

  • The Pills and Supplements I've Ditched

    I used to take lots of medications and supplements but have whittled the list down to only four. Here are a few I took for years, under the impression that they were making me healthier, and my reasons for discontinuing them.

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  • The Four Medications I Take Regularly

    A personal story from a patient with Parkinson's disease detailing his ideas on medications and the path to finding the prescriptions and supplements that work for him.

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  • Study Addresses Caregivers' Questions about Donepezil

    The AgingCare community is often abuzz with questions about the effectiveness of medications for Alzheimer's and dementia. A new study offers insights on the benefits of Aricept and how it may delay a patient's need for nursing home placement.

  • Medical Marijuana May Hold Hope for Some

    Individuals who have chronic conditions and live in states where marijuana is legal for medical use may benefit from this alternative treatment.

  • How to Afford Expensive Medications on a Budget

    Most individuals over 65 take multiple prescriptions every day, which can pack a serious financial punch. A veteran caregiver shares her strategies for finding and buying competitively priced medicines.

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  • Dementia Agitation and Medications

    Cognitive decline can cause a number of different emotional and behavioral issues that are especially challenging for caregivers. Sometimes the best option for reducing a patient's anxiety, depression, or combativeness is medication.

  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Herbal Medications for Seniors

    Many people are more comfortable with taking a naturally derived medicine compared to a pharmaceutical that is synthesized in a laboratory. However, just because a medication is made from natural ingredients does not guarantee its safety or effectiveness.

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  • Change in Nursing Home Compare Ratings

    New rating system by includes the use of certain medications in grading Nursing Homes.

  • Do More Expensive Drugs Really Work Better?

    A new study shows Parkinson's patients actually score better on motor skills tests when they think one medicine costs more than another; even if they're identical.

  • Beware of Storing Medications in the House

    Caregivers, be aware of how and where you store medications in your home and around those with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. My husband Charlie recently gave me a fright when he found a bottle of my Advil PM.

  • Do Statins Cause Memory Loss?

    I've taken statin medications for many years to keep my cholesterol in check. Recently, I've wondered if those drugs were creating some memory loss.

  • Expired Medications: Are They Safe?

    Taking a medication outside of its expiration date may seem harmless, but it can have toxic results. Learn how to store medications properly to ensure your safety and their effectiveness and the best ways to dispose of drugs once they’re out of date.

  • Prescription Drug Assistance Program Locator

    This tool locates and provides contact information for prescription drug assistance programs that offer financial aid to people who need help paying for prescription medications.

  • Prescription Drug Assistance Programs: State-by-State Programs

    These state-run programs provide assistance to those who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications.

  • Prescription Drug Assistance Programs: Pharmaceutical Companies

    The following pharmaceutical companies have programs that provide assistance to people who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications.

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