Hospital Discharge Articles -

Hospital Discharge Articles

There are 6 legitimate reasons to discharge a resident, but some facilities use other tactics to evict those who are difficult or cannot pay. Learn about the discharge and appeals processes so you can safeguard your loved one’s rights.

When a loved one needs to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation following a surgery or procedure, it can be difficult for family members to know how to handle this transition period. See how you can help your loved one get healthy again.

Once a care plan has been established, it should be reviewed and updated periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness for both the senior and their caregiver.

Medicare laws say a patient can get post-hospital extended care services only if they were officially admitted to the hospital for three days. Recent application of these laws and regulations have frustrated caregivers and patients alike.

Hiring a professional caregiver to help ensure a loved one’s smooth transition from hospital to home reduces the risk of readmission and provides peace of mind for family caregivers.

A new Medicare rankings report shows which hospitals perform better knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Providing healthful post-hospital care for seniors can prevent unnecessary re-hospitalization. Discover 5 tips for effective post-hospital care.

What caregivers should know about behaviors to watch for, changes in the level of care required, and possible housing cost increases during the transition from hospital back to senior housing.

Seniors facing a hospital stay may be risking losing their memory unnecessarily. Hospitalization may cause a senior's cognitive ability to deteriorate faster than normal. Elderly people may have increased risk of memory loss after being in a hospital.

When an elderly loved one winds up in the hospital, things happen so quickly that it can leave family members overwhelmed by their new roles as advocates and caregivers. Take these 7 steps to quickly get organized and better manage their care.