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Hip Replacement Articles

The AgingCare.com forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ thoughts on and experiences with knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Many surgeries require some type of post-operative care and physical therapy, sometimes even in a specialized rehabilitation facility. The prehabilitation process focuses on helping patients go into surgery in the healthiest possible state to aid in healing and minimize their recovery time. Improvements in diet, exercise, and mental health can make a world of difference in a patient's recovery following a joint replacement, cancer treatment and other intensive procedures.

Seniors who undergo an intensive rehabilitation following knee or hip replacement surgery may experience a three-fold increase in their mobility.

A new Medicare rankings report shows which hospitals perform better knee and hip replacement surgeries.

When deciding whether to have a major surgery, such as a joint replacement or cardiac procedure, it's important to consider how “going under” can affect a senior's cognitive abilities over both the short and long term.

Hip replacement costs can range from $11,000 to nearly ten times that much, depending on which hospital you ask, according to new research.

You've found a surgeon you trust, scheduled the procedure, and figured out which senior rehabilitation center your loved one will be staying in, but are you prepared for what comes after the surgery?

Some adult day care centers accept patients with mobility problems, such as hip replacements.

What to do if an elderly parent has a hip fracture or broken hip and need hip replacement.

There are many things you as a caregiver can do before and after your elderly loved one's hip replacement surgery to make everyday tasks easier and help speed tjheir recovery.