Senior Health

  • What's the Difference Between "Good" and "Bad" Cholesterol?

    What makes some cholesterol good and some bad? And how do you know the difference between the two?

  • Senior Health Issues That Impact Driving

    Age should never be the sole reason for taking away a person’s driving privileges, but a number of physical and mental health conditions, medications, and/or age-related health changes can seriously compromise a senior’s driving abilities.

  • Warning Signs of a Stroke

    Stroke is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment. Learning the risk factors for stroke and early warning signs to look for can help you act quickly to prevent permanent disability and even death.

  • High Cholesterol in the Elderly

    High blood cholesterol on its own does not cause symptoms, so many people are unaware that their cholesterol level is too high. Learn what affects cholesterol levels in the blood and how you can control this health threat.

  • Prostate Problems in Elderly Men

    Prostate problems are very common for seniors. The older males get, the more likely they are to be affected by this issue.

  • What precautions can be taken to prevent prostate cancer?

    While there is no easy way to guarantee someone will avoid the development of prostate cancer, there has been much research lately that, at the very least, can help the odds.

  • What is Arthritis and Why Does it Hurt So Much?

    Arthritis is a painful condition that affects millions of people, and the chances for developing it increase with age. Arthritis can attack joints in almost any part of the body. Here are the warning signs and types of arthritis.

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  • How Seniors Can Benefit from Adopting an Exercise Regimen

    Physical activity is recommended for people of all ages and abilities to promote physical and mental health. Use these tips to encourage an aging loved one to exercise and help find a regimen that works for them.

  • The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The 2021–2022 flu season coincides with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Make an informed decision about your flu vaccine with these 5 facts about the flu shot, influenza and COVID-19.

  • Caregiver Remedies for Senior Foot Pain

    Arthritis, poor circulation, neuropathy, gout and plantar fasciitis can cause seniors to experience foot pain and discomfort. Experienced caregivers share their tips for managing foot pain, which can improve a senior’s mobility and quality of life.

  • Adaptive Footwear: Finding Shoes for a Senior's Hard-to-Fit Feet

    Podiatric issues like arthritis, structural foot deformities and complications from diabetes can make it hard for seniors to find shoes that fit properly. Family caregivers offer tips for finding and affording orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics.

  • Caregiver Tips for Managing Swollen Feet and Ankles in Seniors

    Swollen extremities are common, especially during the heat of summer, but persistent swelling may point to a serious underlying condition. Experienced caregivers share their best tips for monitoring edema, reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

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  • Top Caregiver Remedies for Foot and Leg Cramps in Seniors

    Muscle cramps in the feet and legs can be very painful and typically become more common with age. Experienced family caregivers share their tips for preventing and relieving cramps and muscle spasms in elderly loved ones.

  • DIY Senior Foot Care Tips for Family Caregivers

    Many seniors require regular pedicures or trips to the podiatrist, but a few simple at-home steps can help keep their feet well maintained between appointments. Veteran caregivers share their home remedies for issues like dry heels and thick toenails.

  • The Aging Digestive System: Maintaining Gut Health as You Age

    Probiotics and digestive enzymes are two popular treatment options for individuals who experience GI issues and wish to improve their overall gut health. Learn how these supplements work, what benefits they offer and how to purchase them.

  • Podiatrist vs. Pedicurist: Where to Go for Senior Foot Care

    Proper foot care is an important part of an elder’s overall health but deciding whether to go to a doctor’s office or a salon for these services can be confusing. Veteran caregivers offer their best advice on how to care for a senior’s feet.

  • The Pills and Supplements I've Ditched

    I used to take lots of medications and supplements but have whittled the list down to only four. Here are a few I took for years, under the impression that they were making me healthier, and my reasons for discontinuing them.

  • The Four Medications I Take Regularly

    A personal story from a patient with Parkinson's disease detailing his ideas on medications and the path to finding the prescriptions and supplements that work for him.

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  • Women Are Different in their Health Needs

    Men and women are distinct in a number of ways, and one-size-fits-all health care can leave both genders at a disadvantage. See why it is important for you to receive care that is unique to you.

  • 3 Breathing Exercises to Increase Oxygen Levels and Fight Stress

    Deep breathing exercises are a simple, drug-free way for seniors and family caregivers to reduce stress and anxiety and improve their respiratory health. Practicing these techniques for a few minutes daily can help your lungs function more efficiently.

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