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Respite Articles

I was excited for our trip, but as our departure date got closer, I became increasingly worried about spending the time away. Based on the success of our experience, I came up with five tips for dementia caregivers who are planning a holiday.

As a dementia patient, I see how much my wife handles on a daily basis. Caregivers like her are far from invincible, though, and it’s important for the entire family to recognize this and make respite time a regular occurrence.

Do you know how stressed out you truly are? Answer a few questions to determine your level of caregiver burnout and see what resources can help reduce your strain.

Although caregivers are often cautioned against the dangers of burnout, there is an even more serious phenomenon called compassion fatigue that can be detrimental to both care providers and recipients.

The AgingCare forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for staying active, relaxing and maintaining relationships in the new year.

I just returned from ten days in Florida visiting my family. My get-away was surprisingly relaxing.

I haven't been away from Charlie for more than two hours at a time since July of 2013, but this caregiver needs a break.

If a child has a therapy appointment and gram has a doctor appointment, which is more important? This is just one of the countless impossible questions faced by sandwich generation caregivers.

I ran away today. I suppose it was long overdue.

Adult day care is an all-too-often underused service by those taking care of elderly loved ones. But for dementia caregivers, these services may help significantly reduce stress, says a new study.

Acclaimed actress, beverage namesake, diplomat; the late Shirley Temple Black wore many hats during her 85 years of life.

You deserve a break, but how can you avoid spending your respite time worrying about what’s happening at home? Ample planning will ensure your loved one’s needs are met and minimize your anxiety, allowing you to fully disconnect.

Have you ever wondered what your loved one’s nurse was thinking? Here’s a list of six insights on elder care that nurses wish family caregivers knew.

While carving out some ‘me time' and a place to call your own are extremely important, caregivers often feel guilty at the prospect. Here are some ways to find and maintain respite care for caregivers.

Many caregivers have a difficult time learning how to relax and let go of stress. Caregivers are constantly being told that they need to find time for themselves, but finding the time to relax is often easier than actually being able to relax. Here are 4 ways caregivers can learn to unwind.

Seniors do many different daily activities at an Adult Day Care Center. Each Adult Day Care center is different, so, to get a better idea of what goes on after a senior is dropped off at the door, AgingCare visited the Hope center in Ft. Myers.

Common criticisms of adult day care stem from misdirected comparisons to babysitting and institutional care. However, most modern centers are working to dispel these myths by refining their services and encouraging seniors’ independence.

The New Year is a good time psychologically for an attitude adjustment. As a caregiver, make New Years Resolutions that will help your emotions and health and plan to do something differently this year than you did last year.

Fear of the unknown often causes seniors to hesitate when it comes to moving to long-term care. Fortunately, more senior living communities are offering temporary stays, which allow potential residents to test the waters with no long-term commitment.

Take a closer look at how in-home care or a short-term stay at an assisted living facility can give you the peace of mind you need to recharge, avoid caregiver burnout and enjoy your time away.