Senior Recreation & Fitness Articles

  • Tips for Taking a Cruise with a Senior

    Cruise vacations are a great option for seniors because they can do as much or as little as they want, depending on their level of ability. See how you can adapt a getaway on the high seas to fit the entire family’s needs and interests.

  • Beneath the Surface: Aquatic Exercise for the Elderly

    Water-based workouts are an excellent form of exercise that is easy on seniors’ backs and joints, but there’s more to water walking and swimming laps than just physical benefits.

  • 4 Balance-Enhancing Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

    As we age, we often develop new health conditions, begin taking more medications and lose muscle mass. These factors can all increase a senior’s risk of falling, but a few simple exercises can help prevent accidents by improving strength and coordination.

  • The Healing Power of Pets for Seniors

    Owning a pet can bring elders a tremendous amount of joy and a renewed sense of purpose. No matter the type of animal, pets can have a beneficial impact on both an older adult’s mental and physical health.

  • How Seniors Can Benefit from Adopting an Exercise Regimen

    Physical activity is recommended for people of all ages and abilities to promote physical and mental health. Use these tips to encourage an aging loved one to exercise and help find a regimen that works for them.