Personal Alert Devices

  • 6 Tech Tools I Wish I’d Had When I Was a Caregiver

    There have been countless advancements in the use of elder care technology to extend seniors’ independence and help ease the burden on family caregivers. A veteran caregiver shares her thoughts on technology’s growing role in caregiving.

  • What to Look for (and Avoid) in an Emergency Alert System

    Personal emergency response systems can be a life-saving addition to a senior’s care plan. Knowing that help is only a push of a button away can give the entire family invaluable peace of mind.

  • Discounts and Free Services for Seniors and Their Caregivers

    With so many older adults living on limited incomes, finding affordable products and services is crucial to making ends meet. Get the inside scoop on freebies and discounts available to you and your aging loved one.

  • The Hazards of Alcoholism in the Elderly

    Age-related changes in the body, chronic health conditions, prescription medications and other factors can magnify the effects of alcohol consumption and jeopardize a senior’s health.

  • 5 Technologies to Help Seniors Live Independently

    Rapidly advancing technology is making it easier than ever for seniors to age in place. Discover five important technological tools that may allow you loved one to live at home longer.

  • Technology for Elderly Enhances Health, Safety

    Technology for elderly homeowners monitors their health and safety, allowing them to live independently longer.

  • Automatic Fall Detection: A New Way to Call for Help

    New technology allows your parent to wear a device that no longer has to be pressed should they require help in an emergency. If they fall, the device sends a signal—your parent does not have to press a panic button.

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