Mild Dementia Articles -

Mild Dementia Articles

While Alzheimer's disease and dementia progress differently in each and every person, it is important for both the patient and their caregiver to remember that a diagnosis isn't an immediate death sentence.

What a terrible condition dementia is. It takes the brain of a bright, loving, proud, communicative individual and turns him or her into an infant.

This is a delicate subject for most seniors, since taking away their keys is synonymous with handing over their independence. However, you cannot allow someone to drive if they display signs of dementia. Get tips on and resources for tackling this issue directly and tactfully.

An explanation of the staging system used as a frame of reference when coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia helps caregivers in understanding the levels of diminishing cognition and bodily functions that occur throughout the disease.

The 2012 Alzheimer's Association International Conference presented two studies regarding the impact of mild cognitive impairment on senior health and well being.