Health Insurance Articles -

Health Insurance Articles

This tool locates and provides contact information for prescription drug assistance programs that offer financial aid to people who need help paying for prescription medications.

Finding affordable health insurance before age 65 can be tricky, but there are ways to avoid letting your coverage lapse.

Use this guide to explore all your options, such as insurance coverage, benefits and out-of-pocket sources, that can be used to pay for home care.

An Accountable Care Organization is a collection of health care providers who come together and agree to be responsible for the care, quality, and cost of healthcare services for a set group of people.

Reading explanation of benefits statements is an ongoing task for caregivers who help elderly parents with their healthcare and finances. Here are 12 ways to read explanation of benefits statements and look for errors on your parents medical insurance bills.

Medical billing errors are surprisingly common, and it is up to you to be diligent about understanding your health care coverage and correcting inaccuracies. Know what red flags to look for and how to handle them before you pay the bills.

The CLASS Act, part of the Affordable Care Act, has been halted by the Obama Administration. The CLASS Act was meant to save the government money while giving people the option to purchase affordable long-term care insurance.

Health Insurance companies can make mistakes on claims and bills. These mistakes can be costly to seniors and their caregivers.

There is a foundation that operates the largest public service program in America, including individual eye care. Click to read Dr. Maisel's full answer.

Compare each 2016 presidential candidate’s stance on key health care issues based on their statements to the press, in debates and on their campaign websites. Caregivers weigh in on the issues that matter most to their families.

Cut through the confusion with these 4 things to know about buying health insurance on the new online marketplace.

The Supreme Court declared the Affordable Care Act to be constitutional. Here are the basics of what seniors and caregivers need to know about the Affordable Care Act.