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A compulsive urge to acquire large amounts of possessions and a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with them because of a perceived need to keep them. The condition was previously viewed as a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Issues between siblings often seem to come to a head when a parent begins requiring care. Use these pointers to improve your communication, minimize dysfunction and recognize when it’s time to set boundaries.
  • Criticism is an inescapable part of life. Although you aren’t likely to change how other people deliver their opinions, you can change how you perceive critical remarks and respond to them.
  • When a loved one is facing the end of life, families often experience a whirlwind of emotions. A hospice chaplain explains the techniques he uses to help family members understand and forgive one another and get through trying times together.
  • Adult children often try to protect their aging parents, but this can cost the elder their independence and dignity. Family caregivers must learn to balance their loved one's quality of life with risks, and this can take practice and patience.
  • Boundaries are built into every relationship, but when a person is in a caregiving situation, these lines can quickly fall by the wayside. Don't let fear, guilt or obligation prevent you from having some control over your life.
  • I frequently think about what the future holds for Marja and me. I am afraid of one day becoming a burden on my family, but I actively try to focus on the present instead of the unknown.
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