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Depression Articles

Both family caregivers and seniors may benefit from a little-known form of psychotherapy that targets the symptoms of prolonged grief and PTSD that can occur after a parent or spouse passes away.

A good night’s sleep can be elusive for those with multiple sclerosis. Try these solutions for reducing trips to the bathroom at night, relieving spasticity and achieving the perfect bedroom temperature for quality rest.

Mental health is a complex area of medicine, but there are steps caregivers can take to learn about mental illness, support their loved ones and ensure they get necessary treatments.

We all want to feel useful and have some sense of purpose. These desires do not change as we age, but waning abilities leave few options for our elderly loved ones to feel fulfilled, which can lead to feelings of depression. One caregiver initiates an experiment to help remedy her mother's hopelessness.

A dementia patient shares his struggles with maintaining a positive attitude and identifies with caregivers who witness this devastating effects of this disease.

Many people think that slowing down and being dispirited is part of the aging process, but this isn't true. If your loved one is feeling down, it is important to recognize the signs and know that there is help available.

Ever wonder why you just can't "get over it" when a sibling criticizes your caregiving? Dealing with depression makes it harder to handle ridicule and rejection

One of the most important factors in treating depression in older adults is their caregiver. Families have a rising concern when they see their aging loved one not wanting to participate in activities they once loved, or becoming isolated. A nurturing solution could be as simple as helping them re-engage with their community, family and social network. A silent cause is the fear of falling. They can become apprehensive with the possibilities that could threaten their freedom and independence.

For a natural process, menopause can be accompanied by a bunch of seemingly unnatural symptoms. Here's the scoop on what does and doesn't work when it comes to treating menopausal depression.

The holidays often involve traveling, shopping, decorating, cooking, and reminiscing with family. As we age, we may lose the mental and physical stamina these traditions require, but a few simple adaptations will help everyone feel capable and counted in.

When I found out I didn't have Alzheimer's, I was grateful, yet disappointed at the same time. Here's why.

Five years ago, Glenn Bruno's wife passed away. What he does to honor her will take your breath away.

People sometimes ask me if depression makes a person more susceptible to Alzheimer's. The question is important and there is certainly an association between the two.

What do you do when your loved one is suffering from depression? It's essential for us caregivers to know how to stave off depression in ourselves and those we care for.

Managing depression in a loved one with dementia can be a challenge. Here are 4 tips for helping an elder with dementia work through their depression.

Recent research aims to decode the link between depression and dementia; a connection that has long intrigued medical experts.

Have you ever wondered what your loved one’s nurse was thinking? Here’s a list of six insights on elder care that nurses wish family caregivers knew.

Seniors may frequently doze off during the day in order to compensate for lost sleep at night. This is normal, but if your loved one spends most of their time snoozing instead of engaging in life, it could point to a larger problem.

The world's oldest marathoner, Fauja Singh, just retired from competitive running--at 101. He turned to racing to cope with grief after his wife, daughter and son passed away.

It’s impossible to anticipate how a senior may interact with other residents and staff in settings like assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but staff should be prepared to handle difficult interpersonal issues and defuse tensions.
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