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Long Term Care Articles

On senior living tours, guides often direct your attention to the shiny features they’re proudest of. These offerings may be great, but it is crucial to use an evidence-based method to determine the quality of care your loved one will receive.

A reverse mortgage loan is one option that may deserve consideration as retirement needs grow and savings and Social Security benefits may not be enough to retire on comfortably and with confidence.

The specific rules of non-medical leave depend upon who is paying for a resident’s care. Avoid costly mistakes by learning about the different policies nursing homes put in place.

Families often struggle to find funds for their loved ones’ care, but adequate planning and awareness of all available options can make a world of difference.

The 2015 Cost of Care study reveals where to find the cheapest long term care in America, as well as where in the country long term care is the costliest.

Long-term care is a reality we all face, but not it is not a particularly enjoyable to talk about. Medicaid can help, but eligibility is determined by a combination of many factors. Consulting with professionals is recommended. The rising cost of care makes gathering the related information even more important. AgingCare.com offers information and resources that will assist in making the right decisions.

Many aging adults must apply for Medicaid in order to afford long-term care. Here are some strategies for preserving some of your wealth while qualifying for financial assistance.

Couples need to consider certain things when making plans for future care. Here are the four steps to successful long-term care planning with a spouse.

Charlie and I just visited a local assisted living facility to see whether it might be a viable housing option for us in the future. We were shocked.

Money paid for advance funeral planning can be an exempt expense under Medicaid rules. Learn more about how preplanning a funeral can help you qualify for Medicaid.

Finding the right nursing home for an elderly loved one can be difficult. Here's how an online tool can help you weigh three important factors of nursing home care.

Many long-term care facilities provide regular programs and events, but family members can supplement these offerings with personalized activities that focus on sharing time together. A picnic is a fun, adaptable get-together that everyone will enjoy.

Unsure about how you will be able to pay for elder care? Learn how to convert your life insurance policy into a Medicaid-qualified asset.

What is a caregiver to do when a loved one is no longer safe living at home but refuses to consider moving to a long-term care community?

Whether Dad needs help around the house for a few weeks after he’s discharged from the hospital or Mom requires around-the-clock dementia care, in-home care can meet both short- and long-term needs.

It’s impossible to anticipate how a senior may interact with other residents and staff in settings like assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but staff should be prepared to handle difficult interpersonal issues and defuse tensions.

Annuities allow investors to receive a steady income stream in retirement. It is one strategy to consider when the time comes that a senior parent must move to an assisted living community or nursing home.

Medicare pays for inpatient skilled nursing care, but only for a limited time and under certain circumstances. It is crucial to be aware of the complex rules for SNF coverage to avoid costly surprises.

The average senior pays nearly $39,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs during their final five years of life, even when most of their expenses are covered by Medicare, according to a recent analysis. Out-of-pocket costs soar for many on medicare.

The terms skilled nursing facility and nursing home are often used interchangeably. Skilled nursing, as a service, can actually be provided in a few senior care settings.