Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

When you are taking care of an elderly parent, no one prepares you ahead of time for the onslaught of health, emotional, financial and legal challenges that go along with caregiving. AgingCare.com is a free service dedicated to providing valuable information, resources, and answers to the countless questions you will have along the way.

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Care options for your elderly parent

Senior housing options Understand the various options with this helpful overview of home care, independent living, assisted living and nursing homes.
More about Home Care Learn how to determine if your parent needs help at home, the various types of home care, and how to hire home care help.
More about Assisted Living Our comprehensive section will help you determine if it's time for assisted living, the cost of assisted living, how to pay for it and much more.

Legal documents you should have

Durable power of attorney (POA) Learn why the durable POA is essential, the various types and when this legal document should be prepared.
3 must-have legal documents for elderly healthcare Planning in advance ensures you're able to help them when they need it most.
Do you need to hire an attorney? Hiring an elder law attorney is an important consideration. Here's how they can help you plan ahead with wills, POAs, financial planning and more.
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Understanding your elderly parent

Daily care As your loved one ages, the daily living basics can become more challenging. Get tips for helping them with tasks like bathing, hygiene, medical care, mobility, nutrition, activities and more.
Health conditions This section includes an overview of specific health conditions that are common among the elderly. Learn how to help your parent with Alzheimer's or dementia, incontinence, Parkinson's, arthritis and more.
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Medicare and Medicaid overview

What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Understanding the differences is the first step in knowing what benefits your parent is eligible to receive.
Enrolling in Medicare Learn how to navigate the complex Medicare enrollment process and understand the various plan options.
Medicaid and your assets Medicaid can be an option for elderly parents when financial resources have been exhausted, but there are very specific asset guidelines.

Respite and resources for you, the caregiver

New to caregiving If you're a new caregiver or have just noticed that mom and dad need a little extra help, here are some caregiving basics, first steps and pointers for getting started.
Family and relationships Learn how to set boundaries, handle disputes and protect your family and relationships while caregiving.
Emotional wellbeing Take a look at our strategies for handling caregiver stress and learn how to maintain a healthy emotional wellbeing.
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Find answers to all your questions

Caregiver forum Visit our forum where you'll find answers, discussions and inspiration from caregivers who have been in your shoes.
AgingCare.com experts AgingCare.com's team of experts share their knowledge and insight on elder care related topics.
More articles on taking care of elderly parents Browse our library of articles that cover topics related to taking care of elderly parents, including family dynamics, handling conflict, getting paid for caregiving and more.

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