As a caregiver for 5+ years to a mother with brain cancer, my eyes have been opened to the arena of caregiving. As someone who enjoys reading, research and sharing information, I am thinking of writing a book.

My question to all of you is - do you wish you had a book or resource before or during your own caregiving journey?

As for me, I wish I had planned to anticipate what happens when your parent gets sick. I wish I had known the following beforehand:

*thinking ahead with making your home home care ready
*preparing your finances to make them stretch to pay for care
*awarenesses of services available for help
*adult children need to be aware of their own jobs and if it is supportive of them to care for their parents
*how does Medicare and Medicaid fit into all of this?
*what will happen to the growing population of women who are not having children by choice (like me)? Are we destined for nursing home care when we become unable
*how to offer caregivers more support and guidance in general

Am I just being too nerdy? Or do you think there is an audience for a book/writing about these topics?

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I have considered the same thing, only through writing a blog so that the information doesn't get stale (as some of what's in a book will, as laws and cultures and business change over time). The problem is that people need to know (or desire to be curious about) this topic in their 40's and 50's (at the minimum) but most people don't see the reason or need. People have a very romanticized notion about retirement and aging. No one envisions themselves as the one with Parkinsons or dementia or ALZ. I've worked in marketing for 30 years and I know a difficult sell when I see one. Can you write a fantastic human interest bio of your experiences? Absolutely! The bigger challenge is getting people to see that they are in for a train wreck if they don't take preemptive actions. THIS is what needs to happen, not just more info. Honestly, the best that can happen is for all of us to keep talking to those younger about this issue. Tell anyone who will listen. I've posted info on my I've created a 3-page checklist that I offer to when adult children with aging parents who have come to the train wreck and have no idea what fire to put out first. I was there, I learned it the hard way like most people on this forum. Maybe a blog would be a better way to go? Whatever you choose to do will benefit others, so wishing you great success in your endeavor!
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There are so many stories that could be told. I think all of our stories on the forum compiled into one book would be a great read.
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Every or many caregiving situations can be unique to them but I think you cover a broad range that could certainly help many. I wish you the best in getting your book published. If it becomes the case you might have to self publish but hopefully you could still market the book in order to recuperate costs and your book could bring in revenue.
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Sure, I browsed some of the books on Amazon one day. A few grabbed my attention, not many.

I read one awhile back but it was a human interest story. It was fantastic. It was written by a granddaughter of an Alzheimer’s patient. She told the story of two strong willed women, her mom and grandma and the changes after her grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was a great read.
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I think it's a GREAT idea for you to write a book on this subject! God knows we're all facing care giving now, or will be in the future, so we can definitely benefit from your knowledge on the topic.

Let us know if/when you get published & GOOD LUCK!
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