Risk of complications from GA on dementia patient just recovered from major respiratory tract infection My mom (80) has intermediate- stage vascular dementia, she recovered from lower respiratory tract infection in Oct. We believe she will benefit from cataract surgery but doctor wants general anaesthesia GA vs LA. I am concerned with the risk of complications from GA and re-infection from trachea tube. Is it worth the risk to do the surgery?

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Trachea tubes these days are sterile single use so no risk of infection from that.
I can see why the surgeon wants mom out in case she can't follow directions or moves.
It is a very short operation and they would probably use heavy sedation (Propothal) which allows the patient to breath on their own and not need the tube.
The anesthesiologist won't do it if he feels the risk is too great for Mom.
I would base the decision on how much mom can still see her age general health other than the dementia. There will certainly be benefit in that she will be better able to get around which means less risk of falls. See what food is on her plate and where to put the toilet paper etc. You will need to be sure she does her breathing exercises following the surgery but otherwise she should be fine.
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Reinfection from trachea tube, no.

Complications of general anaesthesia: ask the surgeon who is recommending this approach to the cataract operation to explain the risks and benefits, and ask what he would decide to do if it were his mother.
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